Nintendo Switch Sports is the latest installment in the Nintendo Sports series, and it launched with a handful of sports. While you should definitely check them all out, some here are better than others. We have ranked the best sports in Nintendo Switch Sports below.

Best sports in Nintendo Switch Sports


Bowling is a classic and makes a triumphant return in Nintendo Switch Sports. It features the most content of all the sports and is an all-around joy to play. While it retains the same fun as Wii Sports, the inclusion of the battle royale mode brings an additional way to play.


We rank tennis and badminton together because they are similar and quite fun to play. But they also have varied differences that can make one or the other more preferable to players. Of course, regardless of which you play, you will be swinging your Joy-Con frantically, so pick your delightful digital poison.


Soccer is a mixed bag of chaos, confusion, and thrilling gameplay that makes it a wild ride. You can play alone or with others, and there will be another game mode for soccer added later. While soccer is fun, it can be a bit tedious due to the size of the field and the controls.


While Chambara is fun, it feels like a lesser experience than boxing or Swordplay. But despite this, it is still an enjoyable experience that ranges from wildly swinging your weapon of choice to tactical strikes. An additional plus is the mind games you can play with your opponents.


To be frank, Volleyball simply isn’t that fun. The first time you play it, you quickly realize that you are just performing the same motions without any real challenge. The sport had a lot of potential, but it mostly feels like it plays itself to some degree.

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