Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker brings with it many changes for the popular MMORPG. With an increased level cap of 90, players will unlock a handful of new moves for each combat class, including the traditional Final Fantasy healer, the White Mage.

You can find each of the new Abilities, Traits, and Spells added to the White Mage in Final Fantasy XIV’s Endwalker expansion below, along with Square Enix’s official descriptions for each new action.

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New Abilities, Traits, and Spells

  • Trait: Glare Mastery (Level 82)
    • Effect: Upgrades Glare to Glare III.
  • Spell: Glare III (Level 82)
    • Effect: Deals unaspected damage with a potency of 310.
  • Trait: Holy Mastery (Level 82)
    • Effect: Upgrades Holy to Holy III.
  • Spell: Holy III (Level 82)
    • Effect: Deals unaspected damage with a potency of 310.
      • Additional Effect: Stun
  • Trait: Enhanced Healing Magic
    • Effect: Increases the healing potency of Cure to 500, Medica to 400, Cure II to 800, Regen to 250, Cure III to 600, Medica II to 250, Medica II’s Regen effect to 150, Afflatus Solace to 800, and Afflatus Rapture to 400.
  • Ability: Aquaveil (Level 86)
    • Effect: Reduces damage taken by a party member or self by 15%.
  • Trait: Enhanced Divine Benison
    • Effect: Allows the accumulation of charges for consecutive uses of Divine Benison.
      • Maximum Charges: 2
  • Ability: Liturgy of the Bell (Level 90)
    • Effect: Places a healing blossom at the designated location and grants five stacks of Liturgy of the Bell to self. Taking damage will expend one stack of Liturgy of the Bell to heal self and all party members withing a radius of 20 yards. The effect of this action can only be triggered once per second.
      • Cure Potency: 400
    • Effect: The healing blossom dissipates when all stacks are expended or the effect expires. Any remaining stacks of Liturgy of the Bell when effect expires will trigger an additional healing effect.
      • Cure Potency: 200 for every remaining stack of Liturgy of the Bell. This action does not share a recast timer with any other actions.

To see all the changes to the White Mage, including the revisions to existing job actions, stop by Square Enix’s White Mage Job Page.

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