Final Fantasy XIV’s Endwalker expansion brings plenty of changes to each of Endwalker’s combat classes. With ten more levels to progress through, players will unlock various new techniques for each job, including the thoughtful and learned Scholar.

Study up on all the new Spells, Traits, and Abilities with the official descriptions of each additional action below, courtesy of Square Enix and the Final Fantasy XIV Lodestone.

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  • New Abilities, Spells, and Traits
    • Trait: Broil Mastery IV (Level 82)
      • Effect: Upgrades Broil III to Broil IV and increases the potency of Ruin II to 220.
    • Spell: Broil IV (Level 82)
      • Effect: Deals unaspected damage with a potency of 295.
    • Trait: Art of War Mastery (Level 82)
      • Effect: Upgrades Art of War to Art of War II.
    • Spell: Art of War II (Level 82)
      • Effect: Deals unaspected damage with a potency of 180 to all nearby enemies.
    • Trait: Enhanced Healing Magic (Level 85)
      • Effect: Increases the healing potency of Physick to 450, Embrace to 180, Seraphic Veil to 180. Increases the barrier potency of Adloquium to 180% the amount healed and Succor to 160% the amount healed.
    • Ability: Protraction (Level 86)
      • Effect: Increaes maximum HP of a party member or self by 10% and restores the amount of increased
        • Additional Effect: Increases HP recovery via healing actions by 10%
    • Trait: Enhanced Deployment Tactics (Level 88)
      • Effect: Reduces Deployment Tactics recast time to 90 seconds.
    • Ability: Expedient (Level 90)
      • Effect: Grants Expedience and Desperate Measures to all nearby party members.
        • Expedience Effect: Increases movement speed
        • Desperate Measures Effect: Reduces damage taken by 10%

For an excellent video breakdown of the changes and updates to Scholar in Endwalker, watch Mrhappy1227’s video below:

To see the complete list of revisions, updates, and additional skills brought to Scholar in Endwalker, make sure to check the official Scholar Job Page from the Final Fantasy XIV Lodestone.

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