Final Fantasy XIV, Endwalker introduces a host of new skills and abilities for each job in Final Fantasy XIV. With the new level 90 level cap, there are more skills for players to familiarize themselves with if they plan to walk the path of the Red Mage.

We’ve listed each of the new Abilities, Traits, Spells detailed by Square Enix below:

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  • New Abilities, Spells, Skills, and Traits
    • Trait: Red Magic Mastery II (Level 82)
      • Effect: Upgrades Verthunder to Verthunder III and Veraero to Veraero III. Upon gaining 3 Mana Stacks, Verthunder III is upgraded to Verflare and Veraero III is upgraded to Verholy.
    • Spell: Veraero III (Level 82)
      • Effect: Deals lightning damage with a potency of 380.
        • Additional Effect: Increases Black Mana by 6.
        • Additional Effect: 50 percent chance of becoming Verfire Ready.
    • Spell: Verthunder III (Level 82)
      • Effect: Deals wind damage with a potency of 380.
        • Additional Effect: Increases White Mana by 6.
        • Additional Effect: 50 percent chance of becoming Verstone Ready
    • Trait: Red Magic Mastery III (Level 84)
      • Effect: Increases the potency of Verthunder II to 140, Veraero II to 140, Verfire to 330, Verstone to 330, Jolt II to 310, Impact to 210, and Enchanted Reprise to 330.
    • Ability: Magick Barrier (Level 86)
      • Effect: Reduces magic damage taken by self and nearby party members by 10 percent, while increasing HP recovered by healing actions by 5 percent.
    • Trait: Enhanced Acceleration (Level 88)
      • Effect: Allows the accumulation of two charges for consecutive uses of Acceleration.
    • Trait: Enhanced Manafication II (Level 90)
      • Effect: Increases maximum stack of Manafication to 6.
    • Spell: Resolution (Level 90)
      • Effect: Deals unaspected damage to all enemies in a straight line before you with a potency of 750 for the first enemy, and 60 percent less for all remaining enemies.
      • Combo Action: Scorch
        • Additional Effect: Increases both Black Mana and White Mana by 4.
        • Additonal Effect: Scorch is changed to Resolution upon landing Scorch as a combo action.

For a full breakdown of each of the changes brought to the Red Mage through Endwalker, visit the following video by Mrhappy1227, as his video helped break down the changes for us. To see all the skills and changes to Red Mage, head over to the official Square Enix Red Mage Job Page.

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