Final Fantasy XIV’s Endwalker expansion adds an incredible narrative journey, but that’s not the only change this update introduces. Every class in Endwalker has an increased level cap of 90. With this increased level cap, new Abilities, Traits, and Spells become available to the players of every job, including Astrologian.

Each of the new Spells, Traits, and Abilities for the Astrologian are listed below, including their descriptions and effects detailed (as detailed by Square Enix):

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New Abilities, Traits, and Spells

  • Trait: Enhanced Draw (Level 40)
    • Effect: Grants Clarifying Draw after executing Draw.
  • Trait: Enhanced Draw II (Level 50)
    • Effect: Grants a Solar Sign, Lunar Sign, or Celestial Sign according to your arcanum played in combat.
  • Ability: Astrodyne (Level 50)
    • Effect: Grants an effect using the astrosigns read from your divining deck. Can only be executed after reading three astrosigns. Effects are determined by the number of different types of astrosigns read.
      • 1 Sign Type: Grants Harmony of Spirit
      • 2 Sign Types: Grants Harmony of Spirit and Harmony of Body
      • 3 Sign Types: Grants Harmony of Spirit, Harmony of Body, and Harmony of Mind
        • Harmony of Spirit Effect: Gradually restores own MP
          • Potency: 50
        • Harmony of Body Effect: Reduces spell cast time, recast time, and auto-attack delay by 10%
        • Harmony of Mind Effect: Increases damage dealt and healing potency by 5%
  • Ability: Crown Play (Level 70)
    • Effect: Triggers the effect of your drawn arcanum.
  • Trait: Malefic Mastery IV (Level 82)
    • Effect: Upgrades Malefic IV to Fall Malefic.
  • Spell: Fall Malefic (Level 82)
    • Effect: Deals unaspected damage with a potency of 250.
  • Trait: Gravity Mastery (Level 82)
    • Effect: Upgrades Gravity to Gravity II
  • Spell: Gravity II (Level 82)
    • Effect: Deals unaspected damage with a potency of 130 to target and all enemies nearby it.
  • Trait: Enahnced Healing Magic (Level 85)
    • Effect: Increases the healing potency of Benefic to 500, Helios to 400, Benefic II to 800, Aspected Benefic to 250, Aspected Benefic’s Regen effect to 250, Aspected Helios to 250, and Aspected Helios’s Regen effect to 150.
  • Ability: Exaltation (Level 86)
    • Effect: Reduces damage taken by self or targeted party member by 10%.
      • Additional Effect: Restores HP at the end of the effect’s duration
        • Cure Potency: 500
  • Trait: Enhanced Celestial Intersection (Level 88)
    • Effect: Allows the accumulation of charges for consecutive uses of Celestial Intersection.
      • Maximum Charges: 2
  • Spell: Macrocosmos (Level 90)
    • Effect: Deals unaspected damage to all nearby enemies with a potency of 250 for the first enemy, and 40% less for all remaining enemies.
      • Additional Effect: Grants Macrocosmos to self and all nearby party members. Action changes to Microcosmos upon execution. For the effect’s duration, 50% of damage taken is compiled. Restores HP equal to a cure of 200 potency plus compiled damage when the effect expires or upon execution of Microcosmos. Amount restored cannot exceed the targets maximum HP.
  • Spell: Microcosmos (Level 90)
    • Effect: Triggers the healing effect of Macrocosmos, restoring HP equal to a cure of 200 potency plus 50% of compiled damage. Amount restored cannot exceed the target’s maximum HP.

For the complete list of changes, revisions, and new skills added to Astrologian in Endwalker, go to the official Astrologian Job Page.

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