There are three specializations within each of the three classes of Dragon Age Inquisition, Mage, Rogue, and Warrior. If the player decides to keep all of the possible companions with them throughout the game, they can explore all of the specializations. However, for the Inquisitor, they will have to take up a specific quest that goes with their specialization of choice.

The Mage Specializations & Skills

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The three mage specializations are Knight-Enchanter, Necromancer, and Rift Mage. Each of these offers a new skill tree to invest in. These are the skills under each.

Knight-Enchanter Skill Tree

The Knight-Enchanter turns a squishy mage into a sort of mage warrior, summoning blades from the Fade to protect them.

  • Spirit Blade – Make melee attacks with a summoned blade that is charged by other damage-dealing abilities.
    • Defending Blade – (Spirit Blade Upgrade) Spirit Blade deflects projectiles.
    • Amplified Blade – (Spirit Blade Upgrade) Spirit Blade charges faster but uses charge in one hit.
  • Combat Clarity – Mana recharges faster when near enemies.
  • Fade Shield – The more damage the player deals, the better defense the barrier provides.
  • Fade Cloak – Makes the player briefly invulnerable and able to pass through enemies.
    • Decloaking Blast – (Fade Cloak Upgrade) Rematerializing inside an enemy will blast them back.
    • Enduring Cloak – (Fade Cloak Upgrade) Fade Cloak lasts longer the lower the Spirit Blade’s charge is.
  • Veiled Riposte – The barrier the player creates will reflect damage.
  • Knight-Protector – Barriers created by the player will last longer.
  • Disruption Field – AOE that slows and weakens enemies caught in it.
    • Stasis Lock – (Disruption Field Upgrade) Instead of slowed, enemies are stopped.
    • Charged Disruption – (Disruption Field Upgrade) The Spirit Blade gains power from enemies that are damaged within the field.
  • Resurgence – All party members are fully healed, including those that are unconscious.

Necromancer Skill Tree

The Necromancer offers extra debuffs and AOE effects on enemies that die.

  • Horror – Fear AOE.
    • Despair – (Horror Upgrade) Reduces the armor of enemies in the AOE.
    • Terror – (Horror Upgrade) Enemies will stand still in the AOE until they have taken a large amount of damage.
  • Death Siphon – The player gains health and mana when an enemy dies nearby.
  • Blinding Terror – Enemies experiencing Horror take more damage.
  • Power of the Dead – Killing enemies buffs the player’s spell power for a short time.
  • Simulacrum – If the player is knocked unconscious, their spirit can fight for them for a short time.
  • Spirit Mark – Mark an enemy for a spirit to fight. If the enemy dies while marked, the spirit will use the body to fight alongside the player.
    • Lingering Mark – (Spirit Mark Upgrade) Lengthens the duration of time the spirit embodies a fallen marked enemy.
    • Wisps of the Fallen – (Spirit Mark Upgrade) Allows the player to mark multiple enemies.
  • Walking Bomb – Curse an enemy with DOT, then trigger the curse to make the target explode.
    • Virulent – (Walking Bomb Upgrade) If Walking Bomb kills the target with the explosion, nearby enemies will become infected with it, creating secondary explosions.
    • Concentrated Detonation – (Walking Bomb Upgrade) Makes Walking Bomb deal more damage to the target, but none to the surrounding enemies.
  • Haste – Increase the entire party’s speed.

Rift Mage Skill Tree

Lastly, the Rift Mage uses the force of the Fade and the broken Veil to displace enemies and crush them.

  • Veilstrike – AOE from a fist made of the Fade.
    • Punching Down – (Veilstrike Upgrade) Veilstrike costs less and weakens enemies damaged by it.
    • Wounded Veil  – (Veilstrike Upgrade) Veilstrike can only be cast on the player’s location but has a much shorter cooldown.
  • Stonefist – Summons a boulder from the Fade that knocks back its target(s).
    • Shatterstone – (Stonefist Upgrade) Stonefist explodes on impact, weakening and staggering enemies caught in the AOE.
    • Unblockable Force – (Stonefist Upgrade) Stonefist deals additional damage against those with their guard up.
  • Restorative Veil – Use weakened enemies to regain mana from dealing damage.
  • Encircling Veil – Use weakened enemies to increase the power of Restorative Veil on them.
  • Smothering Veil – Weakened enemies deal less damage.
  • Twisting Veil – Use weakened enemies to increase the damage done by the player.
  • Pull of the Abyss – Create a rift that pulls nearby enemies to its center.
    • Shaken Veil – (Pull of the Abyss Upgrade) Enemies pulled into the rift are weakened.
    • Devouring Veil – (Pull of the Abyss Upgrade) Damages enemies pulled into the rift.
  • Firestorm – Summons an AOE of flaming meteors down from the sky.

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The Rogue Specializations & Skills

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The three Rogue specializations available are Artificer, Assassin, and Tempest.

Artificer Skill Tree

The artificer is an inventive rogue with traps and buffs to the party.

  • Spike Trap – Sets a trap that will explode when enemies enter its AOE.
    • Watch Your Step – (Spike Trap Upgrade) Player can stay in stealth when laying down traps, and enemies are pushed further by the explosion.
    • Shrapnel – (Spike Trap Upgrade) Has an added bleeding effect on enemies.
  • Set Them Up – (Spike Trap Upgrade) Spike Trap does more damage.
  • Elemental Mines – Throws out three traps, one fire, one frost, and one shock.
    • Throw Everything – (Elemental Mines Upgrade) – Throws one additional trap per 5 stamina.
    • One-Shot – (Elemental Mines Upgrade) – Throws mines slower but makes them more potent.
  • And Take Them Down – Increases the party’s critical chance.
  • Opportunity Knocks – Decreases cooldowns when an ally gets a critical.
  • Fallback Plan – Marks a spot in the battle when the player’s health is high. Activate the ability to jump back to this spot and regain that health.
    • Bait and Switch – (Fallback Plan Upgrade) Fight for a longer time before falling back. Draws an enemy back with the player.
    • Clear the Board – (Fallback Plan Upgrade) Fallback Plan also resets all of the player’s cooldowns.
  • Tricks of the Trade – Increases the damage and duration of all the party’s abilities.
  • Hail of Arrows – Duplicates an archery ability. (Set Them Up or Opportunity Knocks)

Assassin Skill Tree

The Assassin specialization is focused on heavy DPS and debuffs.

  • Hidden Blades – 3 hit attack with 300% damage.
    • Overkill – (Hidden Blades Upgrade) Adds 3 more hits.
    • No Witnesses – (Hidden Blades Upgrade) Damages additional enemies near the target.
  • I Was Never Here – Killing an enemy removes stealth cooldowns.
  • Knife In The Shadows – Attacks from stealth automatically are criticals.
  • Throatcutter – Boosts damage against wounded enemies.
  • Knockout Bomb – AOE that puts enemies to sleep.
    • Comatose – (Knockout Bomb Upgrade) Sleeping enemies take bonus flanking damage.
    • Dream of Pain – (Knockout Bomb Upgrade) Enemies caught in the AOE take bleeding damage.
  • Gaps in the Armor – Gain 25% armor penetration.
  • Mark of Death – Mark an enemy to be struck later with stored damage.
    • Mark of Doom – (Mark of Death Upgrade) Mark of Death reduces the target’s armor.
    • Lasting Mark – (Mark of Death Upgrade) Lasts longer but can’t be triggered early for bonus damage.
  • Cloak of Shadows – Stealths entire party.

Tempest Skill Tree

The Tempest focuses on elemental buffs and debuffs with alchemical solutions.

  • Flask of Frost – Grants damage resistance and freezes enemies that strike the player.
    • Bitter Chill – (Flask of Frost Upgrade) Taunts nearby enemies.
    • Frostbite – (Flask of Frost Upgrade) Shattering frozen enemies will deal damage to nearby enemies.
  • Flaskmaster – Grants the player an additional potion slot and a 25% chance not to use a potion with an ability.
  • Ride the Storm – Elixir effects last 3 seconds longer.
  • Flask of Fire – Makes attacks cost no stamina for a short time, and attackers are knocked back.
    • Unquenchable Flames – (Flask of Fire Upgrade) All abilities have no cooldown.
    • Flaming Chain (Flask of Fire Upgrade) Increases the duration of other abilities activated during Flask of Fire.
  • Fury of the Storm – 10% Damage bonus when the player’s stamina is below 50%.
  • Killer’s Alchemy – 15% Damage bonus for a short time after the player has used an elixir.
  • Flask of Lightning – Everyone except for the player moves 60% slower.
    • Thunderstruck – (Flask of Lightning Upgrade) Adds electric damage to the player’s weapon and makes everyone else 39% slower.
    • Stormrage – (Flask of Lightning Upgrade) Lasts longer and knocks back struck enemies.
  • Thousand Cuts – Choose two enemies to strike back and forth up to 38 times.

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The Warrior Specializations & Skills

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There are three Warrior specializations to choose from, these are the Champion, Reaver, and Templar.

Champion Skill Tree

Champions are tanks, focused on protecting their party members and tactical points.

  • Line In The Sand – Stops enemies from moving past the player.
    • And No Further – (Line in the Sand Upgrade) The barrier increases in size.
    • Everlasting Barricade – (Line in the Sand Upgrade) No longer costs anything and has no cooldown.
  • Bulwark – Increases maximum guard bonus by 25%.
  • Adament – Increases armor bonus by 20%.
  • To The Death – Frenzies an enemy to make them deal and take more damage over time.
    • En Garde – (To The Death Upgrade) Guard increases by 25%.
    • Who’s Next? – (To The Death Upgrade) Grant a damage bonus of 30%.
  • Resilience – Enemies that hit the player with melee attacks have a 5% chance of being stunned.
  • Unyielding – Become invulnerable for 5 seconds.
  • Walking Fortress – Become immune to attacks for 8 seconds.
    • Siege-Breaker – (Walking Fortress Upgrade) Reduces the cooldown and increases guard when hit.
    • Focused Defense – (Walking Fortress Upgrade) Damage taken is turned into focus.
  • Counterstrike – Take on full guard, taunt nearby enemies, and automatically counter all attacks.

Reaver Skill Tree

The Reaver is a DPS and debuff-focused warrior.

  • Ring of Pain – A DPS AOE that deals spirit damage and causes the player to deal more damage. The more damaged the player is, the more damage they deal.
    • Torrent of Pain – (Ring of Pain Upgrade) While active, Devour and Dragon-Rage cost less.
    • Painbringer – (Ring of Pain Upgrade) Ring of Pain stays locked on the player.
  • Blood Frenzy – Grants a 5% damage boost for every 10% missing health.
  • Terrifying Fury – Critical strikes have a 25% chance to Fear nearby enemies.
  • Fervor – Enemies that die near the player give them a 30% damage bonus.
  • Scenting Blood – The player gains temporary health, speed, and critical chance boost near wounded enemies.
  • Devour – Heals the player when dealing with the damage and deals more damage the lower the player’s initial health. This effect is increased by Ring of Pain.
    • Consume – (Devour Upgrade) Devour will cause the next use of Dragon-Rage to have a 25% higher critical chance.
    • Lifeblood – (Devour Upgrade) Devour heals more.
  • Dragon-Rage – Damages the player, so they deal more damage. This effect is increased by Ring of Pain.
    • Ravage – (Dragon-Rage Upgrade) 50% damage bonus and reduce the cooldown for Devour.
    • Leashed Fury – (Dragon-Rage Upgrade) No longer damages the player but cannot be used as often.
  • Rampage – Increases attack speed, life steal, and damage per tier, up to 30%.

Templar Skill Tree

The Templar is a specific anti-magic warrior specialization that focuses on buffs and protection.

  • Blessed Blades – Rally nearby allies to be stronger, especially against demons.
    • Lights In The Shadow – (Blessed Blades Upgrade) Attacking enemies reduces cooldown for Spell Purge and Wrath Heaven.
    • In Their Blood – (Blessed Blades Upgrade) Allies retain the buff for a short time outside of the AOE.
  • Spell Purge – Dispel hostile magic AOE.
    • Spell Shatter – (Spell Purge Upgrade) The AOE deals 600% damage when dispelling enemy barriers.
    • Annulment – (Spell Purge Upgrade) All templar abilities affect enemy mages and demons.
  • Maker’s Will – Party’s attacks have a 5% chance to weaken enemies.
  • Champions Of The Just – Grants a 10% damage boost against demons.
  • There Is No Darkness – 10% element resistance for the whole party from Fire, Ice, Electric, and Spirit Damage.
  • The Last Sacrifice – When knocked unconscious, the party gains 100% Health and a 50% damage bonus.
  • Wrath of Heaven – Light AOE that deals 400% DPS.
    • Embrace the Light – (Wrath of Heaven Upgrade) Deal 300% more damage and lasts for 2 seconds longer.
    • Breath of Light – (Wrath of Heaven Upgrade) Heals 10% for each enemy in the AOE.
  • Rally – Rally allies to higher guard generation, stamina and mana regeneration, and damage resistance. Increases up to 30% regen for each.

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