Elden Ring took the Soulsborne community by storm with its release. It keeps the spirit of the series alive while telling an epic new tale. But as players return to the series and new ones join, it’s important to note some fundamentals like soft caps.

What are Soft Caps in Elden Ring, explained

Soft caps have been in place since Demon’s Souls hit the market back in 2009. As players level up in a Soulsborne game, Elden Ring included, they can invest points into different attributes. For Elden Ring, these are Vigor, Mind, Endurance, Strength, Dexterity, Intelligence, Faith, and Arcane.

Soft caps are points when players begin to see diminishing returns from investing in a particular skill. For example, with Vigor, once a player reaches 40 points invested, the HP awarded drops from 26 to 13. At 60 points invested, it drops from 13 to either five or six, and 90 points invested sees the return drop to three or four points.

It’s a system that keeps a player from stacking one attribute and utterly breaking the game. This way, players are encouraged to diversify their build and everything scales appropriately.

Soft Caps for each Stat & Attribute

  • VIG: 40/60/90
  • MIN: 20/50/55/60
  • END: 12/18/32/50
  • STR: 20/55/80
  • DEX: 20/55/80
  • INT: 20/50/80
  • FAI: 20/50/80
  • ARC: 20/50/80

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