Slime Rancher 2 features a wide variety of slimes in its expansive world. These creatures produce Plorts, a special resource in the game that you can sell for Newbucks or use to craft various items at the Fabricator. While wild Slimes consume food and produce Plorts on their own, you’ll have to feed them yourself if you plan on taming them at your ranch. Furthermore, Slimes produce two Plorts when you provide them with their favorite food. Here’s a guide listing all types of slime and their favorite food in Slime Rancher 2.

All Slimes, their diet, and favorite food in Slime Rancher 2

Slime TypeDietFavorite Food
Angler SlimeMeatSea Hen
Batty SlimeFruitPomegranite
Boom SlimeMeatBriar Hen
Cotton SlimeVeggiesWater Lettuce
Crystal SlimeVeggiesOdd Onion
Fire SlimeAsh
Flutter SlimeMoondew Nectar
Gold SlimeEverything
Honey SlimeFruitMint Mango
Hunter SlimeMeatRoostro
Lucky SlimeMeat
Phosphor SlimeFruitCuberry
Pink SlimeFruit, Veggies, and Meat
Puddle SlimeWater
Ringtail SlimeFruit, Veggies, and Meat
Rock SlimeVeggiesHeart Beet
Tabby SlimeMeatStony Hen

Other than the Slime varieties mentioned above, the game also has Largo and Gordo Slimes. While Largos are a hybrid of two Slime species, Gordo Slimes are massive creatures hidden in various locations across the map. These Slimes have the same food preference as their original species.

How to store Slimes in Slime Rancher 2?

While you can simply keep most of the Slime types inside Corrals that you can build at The Conservatory, the following are exceptions:

  • Fire Slime: Can be kept beside an Incinerator or inside a Magma Pool.
  • Puddle Slime: Can be kept in a pool or a water source that you can craft at the Fabricator using specific resources.
  • Gold Slime: Cannot be captured.
  • Lucky Slime: Cannot be captured.

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