Numerous Pokémon fans took advantage of the beta testing for the upcoming MOBA, Pokémon Unite; whether it was their region’s time frame for the beta, or not! Needless to say, some of the character skins for the game have leaked and fans are ecstatic.

All Skins in Pokémon Unite

Pokémon Unite’s beta test has debuted a total of 26 character skins for some of the Pokémon that will be available to players, upon the game’s release. With Pikachu in a blue hoodie or a pink bowtie with a white flowered hat, Snorlax in a floatie and sunglasses or a full blown onesie bathing suit and Charizard, ironically wrapped up in a scarf and beanie hat; players are sure to have the most fun with some of their favorite characters, in style! Take a look at all skins in Pokémon Unite.

Character Skins

Pokemon Unite Character Skins

Some of the Pokémon characters have debuted with two different skins to choose from, some have only debuted one and others show each skin for different evolutionary phases that unlock when the Pokémon levels up. Here’s a brief description of all 26 skins that the game’s beta has revealed, starting with single skin characters.

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Single Pokémon Skins

  • Venusar is ready for battle and the heat with some yellow goggles and an orange Hawaiian shirt.
  • Charizard is known to deliver some heavy fire play when provoked in battle, so it’s pretty ironic for the pyro dealing Pokémon to be dressed up in a scarf and beanie!
  • Blastoise quite literally, came dressed to kill in a forest-green gangster coat and a hat to match.
  • Alolan Ninetales looks serene and iced-out, in a purple jumpsuit draped in blue beads that resemble icicles.
  • Machamp is ready for the big summer time debut in some orange shorts with green flowers and a pink and white Hawaiian Lei.
  • Slowbro loves the water, so it’s only right to have on a water-proof vest and sunglasses.
  • Gardevoir’s radiance needed only one addition; a pink and white bonnet.
  • Absol in a top hat and a ribbon… well, why not?
  • Garchomp is complete with a summer orange shirt with yellow berries and a snorkel. Because of the Hammer Head Shark resemblance, players would think a snorkel on the Pokémon character would be pointless, but Garchomp is actually a dragon!
  • Lucario is draped in a cape and a sleek hat and pouch; living up to his super impassive and boss reputation.
  • Eldegoss needed just a touch of style; covered in adorable pink and yellow bows.

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Multiple/Evolution Pokémon Skins

  • Mr. Mime comes with two different skins; the first being a gold suit, a red bowtie with a top hat to match and the other skin is a blue neck tie with a white apron around his waist.
  • Greninja’s first skin resembles an aqua colored super suit and the second skin looks like a green short sleeve shirt, for a more laid back ninja frog summer look.
  • Pikachu is always the more swaggered out Pokémon. The first skin is a blue hoodie and a cap, stamped with the popular character’s signature lightning bolt and the other is a charming green suit with a pink bowtie and a white hat with pink flowers to match.
  • Snorlax is seriously ready for some summer time fun; wrapped up in a yellow floatie tube and rocking some star-shaped sunglasses. Though, its obvious that Snorlax stuffed in a giant yellow onesie, looking like a giant indestructible pineapple, is the true winner here.
  • Fletchling, Fletchinder and Talonflame’s evolution skins resemble a flying pilot’s look that will change with each of the fearless feathered Pokémon’s evolution phases.
  • Scorbunny, Raboot and Cinderace sport a pirate look, with each evolution phase adding a little something to each skin to complete the pyro rabbit’s style.

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