Players will have trouble surviving titan battles if they avoid skills in Roblox Titanage. The skill tree is designed around four different classes: Soldier, Commander, Supplier, and Medic. Although you can mix and match your skills across branches, you might find that sticking to a specialized role (at least in the early game) will increase your chances of survival. After all, protecting your home from titans is a group effort, so everyone must play to a role.

Soldier Skill Tree

The Soldier role in Titanage splits off into two branches. Branch One priotitizes blade abilities and stealth, while Branch Two prioritizes movement and grappling speed.

Branch One

SkillDescriptionCost (in Skill Points)
Blade ComposureCan reload blades in any situation2
Quick ReloadIncreased blade reloading speed2
Quick Reload IIIncreased blade reloading speed2
Quick Reload IIIIncreased blade reloading speed2
StealthHarder to be spotted by titans3
Blade MasterSkip the wind up on swinging and get more range4
Horse TrainingIncreased horse riding speed4
AmbushIf near a titan’s nape and they are not locked on to you, you instantly kill them then stay hidden for 30 seconds8
Hand GrinderIf being used while grabbed, will free you8

Branch Two

SkillDescriptionCost (in Skill Points)
AgilityIncreased grappling speed2
Agility IIIncreased grappling speed2
CounterOn use, you will have counter frames for 1 second, if hit by a titan during this you will dodge the attack and kill the titan2
Blade ThrowThrows your blades at titans which can hit any of their weaknesses3
Scout InstinctDodge a titan stomping or biting you but with a cooldown4
BurstUses some gas to boost towards the direction you are travelling4
Spinning SlashWhen active, you will receive IFrames and automatically kill nearby titans and chain off of others until none are nearby8
Will PowerIgnore all injury debuffs8

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Commander Skill Tree

The Commander class uplifts every titan slayer. When taking on this role, it is best to enter combat near your allies, as they receive passive buffs when your skills are activated. This special class controls the entire battlefield, and every titan slayer needs a leader.

SkillDescriptionCost (in Skill Points)
MoraleYou and allies nearby will receive an ODM speed boost2
Morale IIStronger ODM speed boost on morale2
Morale IIIStronger ODM speed boost on morale2
Quick DrawWhen used, you will fire your luger at the closest titan and blind them3
CourageYou and allies near you will have less cooldown on swinging and bigger hitbox size3
SilenceWhen used, your allies near you will stay hidden for 30 seconds4
Good NoseYou can track the scent of every titan4
Shared PowerAllies near you will have the effects from the mods you are using6
Burning RageWhen used, you and allies near you will have IFrames for 20 seconds6
Call to ArmsWhen used, you and everyone around you will receive 2 blades and 3000 gas6
Unseen PotentialWhen used, you and allies near you will have the effects of every legendary mod for 30 seconds8

Supplier Skill Tree

Spider-Man eventually runs out of web, and titan slayers eventually run out of gas. Providing more blades and gas to all players is absolutely required of high-level play, and will often determine a victory or a total slaughter. Every titan slayer needs a Supplier, and you’ll receive many thanks on the battlefield for accepting this role.

SkillDescriptionCost (in Skill Points)
Swift LoadReload your gas faster when resupplying2
Swift Load IIReload your gas faster when resupplying2
Swift Load IIIReload your gas faster when resupplying2
Bigger TankYou can hold more gas2
Bigger Tank IIYou can hold more gas2
More Blade StorageHold up to 2 more blades6
Sturdy BladesOnly 50% chance for blades to lose durability on hitting a titan6
Thunder SpearsWhen used, shoots a spear that on hit creates an explosion that hits titan weaknesses6
Supply HorseYour horse will carry supplies6
Acoustic Flaregun ShellsCan be used from the flare menu, stuns all titans nearby for 30 seconds, only 2 per mission6
Portable Supply StationWhen used, you will deploy a supply station, can only be used once per mission8

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Medic Skill Tree

The Medic class is one of the best skill trees to complete, even if the player does not plan on exclusively playing the role. With Bandage Bag, Self Heal, and Bandages, the ability to not only heal yourself but other players is one of the most invaluable skills in the game. Moreover, the Butcher ability is an extra incentive to critically damage titans and protect your allies. You’ll be one of the most sought-after titan slayers in Titanage.

SkillDescriptionCost (in Skill Points)
RegenReceive small passive health regen out of combat2
Regen IIReceive more passive health regen out of combat2
Regen IIIReceive more passive health regen out of combat2
Bandages2 Bandages you can use to heal allies’ health and injuries4
CarrierPeople can ride on the back of your horse4
Self HealYou can activate bandages when nobody is near you in order to heal yourself4
Bandage BagBandage capacity raised to 4 bandages6
ButcherAllows you to cut a titan’s arm off6
SaviorCan save an ally being grabbed instantly when used8
Healthy2x Health and lesser chance to receive injuries8

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