Nico’s nextbots is a survival-horror experience on Roblox, which is heavily inspired from Garry’s Mod. Player’s spawn in an abandoned mall filled with creepy PNGs constantly looking to kill them. As far as objectives go, it is as simple as it gets—run, hide, and stay alive for as long as possible. Although lacking in clear gameplay objectives, nico’s nextbots is chock full of secrets and Easter Eggs for the players to get a good kick out of. The following are all the hidden secrets in nico’s nextbots.

All hidden secrets and Easter Eggs in nico’s nextbots

Nico’s nextbots has tons of secrets for the player to find. Many of these are Easter Eggs from various media, including Garry’s Mod, which the game draws inspiration from. The following are all the secrets you can find in the mall in nico’s nextbots.


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If you’re bored with running around the mall, you can look for some challenge in the Backrooms. The backroom is a secret room in nico’s nextbots, filled with nextbots like Speed, Patrick, Sponge, Roblox, Claude, Crabbo, and Nerd. In order to enter the Backrooms, you must interact with the elevator on the second floor parking lot.

Soccer ball

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Players will often find a stray soccer ball in the parking lots of the abandoned mall in nico’s nextbots. You can even kick it around by moving over it.

Java books

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Players will find book shelves in many of the safe rooms in nico’s nextbots. If inspect closely, you will find a yellow book with Java written on it. This is an Easter Egg of a real life Java reference book, and may strike a note with you if you are interested in the field of Coding.

Upside-down toilets

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One safe room players can find and take shelter has a bathroom inside. Inside the bathroom, you will find two suspended toilets hanging from the ceiling. Not the most sanitary of solutions, but surviving against nextbots was never going to be an easy task.

Subclub backroom

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In the cafeteria section of the mall which is located on the second floor, there is a restaurant called subclub. Behind the restaurant is a small backroom with a few boxes, watermelons, and a vent. Nextbots can sometimes spawn inside this room, so proceed with caution.


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Vents can be found all over the building in certain spots, like the one in the subclub backroom. You can get inside these vents to move to other rooms quickly, if you are being chased by a nextbot. Keep in mind, however, nextbots can also enter vents.

Error sign

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Another small Easter Egg pays homage to the main inspiration behind nico’s nextbots, Garry’s Mod. Going up through the ramp from the basement parking lot, players will find an Error sign. This Error sign is taken directly from a similar sign that players would find in the popular Garry’s Mod game.

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