Review our list below to see all of the secret ingredients in Wacky Wizards and where to find them!

Cleetus’ Hat

In order to find Cleetus’ Hat, you’ll need to head over to the Wizard’s Cave area. Go inside the cave and find a large rock to the right. Cleetus’ Hat will be found sitting directly on top of that rock, next to a smaller RIP TRUCK POTION headstone.

Cyclops Eye

This ingredient is a little more tricky to get. In order to obtain the Cyclops Eye ingredient for use, you’ll have to complete an objection. You will need to slay the boss named Mr. Rich. This may take some time, so make sure to plan ahead.

Foryxe’s Head

Foryxe’s Head is an easy ingredient for any player to get their hands on, thankfully. First, you’ll want to head to the cave. Once you get inside, look around for a waterfall. Upon finding the waterfall, you’ll need to go behind it to find your ingredient.

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Jandel’s Head

The Jandel’s Head ingredient is pretty straightforward to find. Simply go across the map to the Witch’s Cave. Do not head inside, but instead search around the outside of the cave. You should find a cactus. Behind it you’ll be able to spot Jandel’s Head.


The Jayingee ingredient is a note that is not too hard to find. You’ll need to head over to the Spider Cave. Once you find it, head inside and go towards the right. From there, you should be able to find a wall that will have the note taped to it.


This secret ingredient is a bit odd in that despite the name, the ingredient is a rock. To find it, search around the cave entrance that leads to Oz the Wizard. On the left side, the Justin rock will be found hidden behind a shrub beside the entrance of the cave.


To get the PremiumSalad ingredient (which is a bowl of salad), you’ll need to head over to the forest. There will be four trees close to each other, with the smaller two of the four on the inside. Check the tops of the trees to see the salad bowl sitting there.

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This ingredient is not too hard to get, but you’ll need to do a little searching. Find the body of water with the waterfall on your map. Then, head over to it and dive underwater. You’ll need to swim around until you find the Sketch ingredient, which should be near the waterfall.

Sleepy Bee

The Sleepy Bee is easy to acquire. Simply go to the area with the trees in the Overworld. Look at the smaller trees until you see one with a bee sleeping in a honeycomb. Once you’ve spotted the bee, click or tap him to add it to your inventory.

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