Like many other RPGs, Final Fantasy XIV allows players to customize how their character performs with various stats. Players can augment Secondary Stats in Final Fantasy XIV to make their character more effective in battle. Make sure you know what each Secondary Stat does so that you can optimize your gear later on.

We’ve shared the excellent descriptions of each Secondary Stat as listed on the official Final Fantasy XIV Subreddit.

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Secondary StatsEffect
Skill SpeedDecreases weaponskill recast time and increases the potency of auto-attacks and damage-over-time effects inflicted by melee and ranged physical DPS.
Spell SpeedDecreases spell recast time and increases the potency of damage-over-time effects inflicted by casters and healers.
TenacityDecreases damage taken, increases HP healed, and increases damage dealt. Effective when playing as a tank.
PietyIncreases MP regeneration rate when playing as a healer.
Direct HitIncreases probability and potency of scoring a Direct Hit. Direct Hits are weaker than Critical Hits but happen more frequently.
Critical HitIncreases probability and potency of scoring a Critical Hit. Critical Hits are more powerful than Direct Hits but are rarer.
DeterminationIncreases damage dealt and outgoing healing by a flat rate.
Info via the Final Fantasy XIV subreddit FAQ

Each of these Secondary Skills holds a different impact in battle. Some gear offers Secondary Stat boosts automatically, and players can even slot Materia into their gear at later levers to further bolster their stat increases.

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