Here you will find our Scarlet Nexus codes list that will contain the most up-to-date list of codes straight from the Anime series and more.

All Scarlet Nexus Codes List

Here you will find all codes that are currently available and can be redeemed in Scarlet Nexus. All of the codes have been tested and confirmed to reward various in-game items, and you can redeem these codes once you completed phase two of the main story. We will also keep this list update with more codes as episodes for the anime series, Scarlet Guardians release.

1st Top Secret FileSuch a liarPoster Vision [Yuito] x1
Introduction CodeCODE1k in game money

How to redeem Scarlet Nexus Codes

To redeem the codes listed above, you will need to first complete phase two of the main game story in Scarlet Nexus. After this point, you will eventually encounter a NPC called Musubi at her restaurant of the same name. You will need to talk to her in order to redeem your codes, and you can do this by starting a conversation with her.

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Eventually she will ask if any words caught your eye, and it is at this point you will be prompted to type a code in. So, when typing the codes, make sure to read the codes above and type them in exactly or you will not redeem the code

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