In Scarlet Nexus, players play as two characters Yuito Sumeragi and Kasane Randall. Both are new recruits of the OSF or Other Suppression Force, whose job is to combat the other threat. Along with that, Yuito and Kasane are what you called psychokinesis users, which are essentially the only classes in the game.

Both characters also have special powers, weapon choices and can use both in combat. Yuito uses a katana, while Kasane uses what is called an arrowroot leaf, which is a Knife type of weapon.

Kasane’s playstyle is geared towards being quick on your feet and using multiple knife weapons to attack enemies. Meanwhile, Yuito is more geared towards overwhelming foes with the strength of his melee attacks.

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Both characters can also build up a brain drive state by destroying others. While in this state, players will gain increased attack speed, movement speed, and an increase of psychokinesis power. 

This in turn, will effectively increase your ability to fight in combat and use Psychokinesis abilities, thus making you a other killing machine.

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There is also a character companion system called the struggle arms system, along with a brain drive system. This system allows players to temporarily call on a select number of companions and borrow their power. In total there are 10 of these companions as listed below.

  • Shiden Ritter – Gives the player electric attacks or electrokinesis.
  • Arashi Spring – Gives you a power called Hypervelocity that slows down time.
  • Kagero Donne – Players can borrow the power of invisibility to become undetectable from enemies with Kagero.
  • Kyoka Eden – Allows players to duplicate objects when this character is borrowed.
  • Fubuki Spring – Gives the player the ability of Cryokinesis attacks when borrowed.
  • Hanabi Ichijo – Gives the player the ability of Pyrokinesis attacks when borrowed. 
  • Nagi Karman – Players can borrow the power of Aerokinesis with Kagero.
  • Gemma Garrison – This companion gives the player the power of Sclerokinesis.
  • Luka Travers – Allows players to use teleportation while in combat when borrowed. 
  • Tsugumi Nazar – Players can gain the power of Clairvoyance when this character is borrowed. 

Players can also improve their bond with the characters listed above by engaging in emails and completing a character’s episode. Doing so will increase abilities and enhance a character’s ability to aid the character in battle.

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