As you explore the various locations in Stray, you will come across safes and doors that require a code or key to open. Clues for each safe and digicode are typically scattered around it, but it can be difficult to solve these puzzles and get the codes. Here is where to find all safes and digicodes in Stray and how to open them.

How to open all safes and doors in Stray

There are three safes and two digicode doors in Stray. These are opened either with passwords or a key. Here is a list of how to open safes and doors and their codes in Stray.

Stray Codes for Safes and Doors

  • The Flat Digicode – 3748
  • The Slums Alley Safe – 1283
  • The Slums Library Safe – Key from the library backroom.
  • The Slums Secret Lab Digicode – 2511
  • Midtown Merchant Shop Safe – 8592

Each safe contains a collectible or story-related item that you will need to progress. The same is true for the two digicodes, as you must open these to progress. Refer to the list above to find and open all safes and digicodes in Stray.

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