Runes in Valkyrie Elysium act as weapon modifiers. After upgrading a weapon to Rank 5, a Rune can be inserted. These Runes are found all throughout the campaign and provide a variety of effects. But to make it easy to track down the best ones, we’ve compiled this handy chart.

Where to find Runes in each Chapter of Valkyrie Elysium

Valkyrie Elysium Attack Runes

RuneEffectHow to Obtain
Physical Attack Power Up IPhysical Attack Power +30Chapter 3: An Unexpected Encounter (chest)
Physical Attack Power Up IIPhysical Attack Power +50Chapter 7: Metamorphosis and Doubt (chest)
Physical Attack Power Up IIIPhysical Attack Power +100Subquest Reward: Terrestrial Research Record III
Magic Attack Power Up IMagic Attack Power +15Chapter 1: Purify the Soul (chest)
Magic Attack Power Up IIMagic Attack Power +25Subquest Reward: An Old Man’s Discerning Eye
Magic Attack Power Up IIIMagic Attack Power +50Subquest Reward: Introduction to Cypher

Valkyrie Elysium Defense Runes

RuneEffectHow to Obtain
Physical Damage Reduction IPhysical damage taken -2%Chapter 3: An Unexpected Encounter (chest)
Physical Damage Reduction IIPhysical damage taken -4%Chapter 6: Evil Arises (chest)
Physical Damage Reduction IIIPhysical damage taken -6%Subquest Reward: Terrestrial Research Record I
Magic Damage Reduction IMagic damage taken -4%Subquest Reward: My Hometown
Magic Damage Reduction IIMagic damage taken -8%Subquest Reward: The Unfinished Masterpiece
Magic Damage Reduction IIIMagic damage taken -12%Subquest Reward: Mock Battle with Eygon

Valkyrie Elysium Support Runes

RuneEffectHow to Obtain
Soul Gauge Recovery Up ISoul gauge recovery rate +10%Chapter 5: Those Offered the Hand of Salvation (chest)
Soul Gauge Recovery Up IISoul gauge recovery rate +15%Subquest Reward: Request from the Village II
Soul Gauge Recovery Up IIISoul gauge recovery rate +20%Subquest Reward: Match with Kristoffer
Arts Gauge Recovery Up IArts gauge recovery rate +3%Chapter 4: Victim of the Gods (chest)
Arts Gauge Recovery Up IIArts gauge recovery rate +4%Subquest Reward: Request from the Village I
Arts Gauge Recovery Up IIIArts gauge recovery rate +5%Subquest Reward: Battle Instructions from Taika

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