Ruins are dungeon-like areas that look like triangular spacecrafts. Upon approaching one, you can choose from three game modes: Easy, Normal, and Hard. The game will also provide you with a recommended CS to enter each mode to ensure that you’re amply prepared. Ruins contain a mix of battles, puzzles, and exploration mechanics. Most importantly, a Chest Counter will appear on the upper left of the screen upon entering, so that you can keep track of what treasures have yet to be claimed.

There are three Ruins in Astra—A-01, A-02, and A-03. The Main Story will introduce you to A-01 and will prompt you to complete it, but the other two are up to you to find.

Where are Ruins located in Astra in Tower of Fantasy

All Ruin locations in Astra in Tower of Fantasy.
Image by GameTips.PRO

You can easily find Ruins anywhere in the game by looking for cathedral-like icons in the World Map. Reference the areas with a red circle to find the Ruins in Astra.

  • A-01—east of Astra Shelter
  • A-02—Sothern Ring Ranges
  • A-03—Northern Ring Ranges

Approach a Ruin to prompt a window to appear on the upper right, where you can choose the difficulty level before entering. Keep in mind that you can only claim rewards from a Ruin once.

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