While playing Two Point Campus, it can feel like you’re thrown to the wolves a bit with no idea what to do. That’s understandable, and that’s why we’ve created this useful breakdown of all the Room types available in the game.

All Rooms in Two Point Campus

There are 30 different room types in Two Point Campus. They have three different function categories (Accommodations, Academic, Facility). Some will be able to be unlocked earlier than others. Here are all of the rooms you can unlock and build in Two Point Campus:

RoomTypeSchool to Unlock
BathroomAccommodationsFreshleigh Meadows
Battle GroundAcademicNoblestead
Cheeseball FieldAcademicFluffborough
Computer LabAcademicMitton University
Dig SiteAcademicPebberley Ruins
DormitoryAccommodationsFreshleigh Meadows
Gadget LabAcademicBlundergrad
Jousting FieldAcademicNoblestead
Lecture TheatreAcademicFreshleigh Meadows
LibraryAcademicFreshleigh Meadows
Marketing OfficeFacilityFluffborough
Medical OfficeFacilityNoblestead
Panic RoomAcademicBlundergrad
Pastoral SupportFacilitySpiffinmore
Potions RoomAcademicSpiffinmore
Private TuitionAcademicPiazza Lanatra
Recording StudioAcademicUpper Etching
Research LabFacilityMitton University
Robo ConstructionAcademicMitton University
Robo DesignAcademicMitton University
Savoury KitchenAcademicPiazza Lanatra
Science LabAcademicFreshleigh Meadows
ShowersAccommodationsFreshleigh Meadows
Spells RoomAcademicSpiffinmore
Student LoungeAccommodationsFreshleigh Meadows
Student UnionFacilityFreshleigh Meadows
Sweet KitchenAcademicPiazza Lanatra
Training RoomFacilityMitton University
VR LabAcademicFreshleigh Meadows

How to Unlock All Rooms in Two Point Campus

There’s not really much you can do to unlock specific Rooms in a certain way while playing Two Point Campus. That’s because Rooms will become available as part of the game’s natural progression, rather than using money to pay for them or anything. You’ll really just need to keep expanding, unlocking new Campuses, and upgrading existing Campuses to unlock new room types. Passing your objectives in the top right of the screen will make this happen faster.

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