Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodhunt brings some unique gameplay features and mechanics to the Battle Royale genre. As a vampire, players can drink the blood of mortal NPC to obtain health and a boost for certain abilities. Here’s a list of all the blood resonances in Bloodhunt.

All Blood Resonance Types in VTM Bloodhunt

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  1. Sanguine (Pink)
    • Regenerates your character’s health every second.
    • Tiers: 0.5 HP per second / 1.5 HP per second / 3 HP per second
  2. Choleric (Orange)
    • Increases your melee weapon damage.
    • Tiers: +10 percent / +25 percent / +50 percent
  3. Phlegmatic (Light Blue)
    • Reduces the cooldown on your archetype ability.
    • Tiers: -10 percent / -25 percent / -50 percent
  4. Melancholic (Purple)
    • Reduces the cooldown on your archetype’s clan ability.
    • Tiers: -10 percent / -25 percent / -50 percent
  5. Extra Life (Red)
    • Exclusive to non-ranked Bloodhunt game modes, this type grants you one respawn point.

You can check any civilian’s blood resonance using the Heightened Sense ability or by simply approaching them. The default input for Heightened Sense is the key(PC), and it highlights the civilians with the color or aura of their resonance type. You can hold the F key (PC) to feed on a mortal next to you.

While doing this, make sure that other mortals don’t see you, or you’ll be revealed to all other enemy players for one minute. Furthermore, you can Diablerize downed opponents and NPC guards by drinking their blood to unlock more slots for blood resonance types.

Best Blood Resonances in VTM Bloodhunt

All blood types in Bloodhunt have their own specific power and usefulness. Although you cannot compare one to another to deduce which is better, you can certainly determine the most viable blood resonance type combination depending on your playstyle and your archetype perk.

For instance, the Phlegmatic and Melancholic resonance are two great options for anyone. However, since the slots are limited during the early game, you can instead prioritize the Choleric blood if you prefer melee combat. Another important tip is to reach the maximum of one blood type level rather than aiming for lower levels of all four types.

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