React Gadgets are a new form of utility items that players can use in Rainbow Six Extraction. Each item offers a different use and offers a multitude of options for completing the various missions in the game.

The gadgets come in the form of grenades, mines, and various other items, very much similar to how devices were in Rainbow Six Siege. 

In total, there are 25 React Gadgets, but only a few have been revealed at this moment. A few were also showcased briefly during a showcase for the game. That said, the following are all React Gadgets we know about so far that are in Rainbow Six Extraction.

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Rainbow Six: Extraction GadgetGadget use
Glue GrenadeA Glue Grenade is a gadget that allows players to slow Archaeans when the grenade explodes in their vicinity in Rainbow Six Extraction.
Arc MineAn Arc Mine is best described as a unique variant of a claymore placed around corners that is capable of eliminating multiped enemies at a time.
Field WallA Field Wall is a unique throwable that deploys a large force field wall that protects players from parasite projectiles
React LightA React Light is a tool used to detect Archaeans through walls by activating what is known as their bioluminescence.
Scan MineA Scan Mine is something like a smaller version of Maestro’s camera from Rainbow Six Siege but provides more than one point of view.
Recon DroneThe Recon Drone is a drone similar to the one that was featured in Rainbow Six Siege, whereas it allows operators to gather intelligence remotely. Recon Drones also allow operators to scan various objectives all while in camera mode.
Body ArmorBody Armor reduces all incoming damage by 20 percent and ensures players always fall to DBNO while wearing the armor.
Revive KitRevive Kit allows players to revive themselves one time when they get knocked down to DBNO.
Ammo Satchel Ammo Satchel Gives players 50 percent more ammo when they spawn.
Stun GrenadeStun Grenades stun Archaeans if the grenade explodes in their vicinity

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