Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart has been a massive boon for the PlayStation brand. It’s been seen as a showcase for the power behind the PS5. With wacky weapons, gorgeous visuals, and absurdly short load times, few games are as demanding on the market as Rift Apart is.

While playing the game through is a treat, those who apply cheats are sure to find even more enjoyment in this series entry. There are 25 different cheats that players can unlock in Rift Apart. Each is tied to a Golden Bolt: one of the game’s collectibles. For every Golden Bolt collected, a new cheat is unlocked.

Each cheat is unlocked when a player reaches that number of bolts. Those looking to unlock the latter cheats will have to grab each of the game’s hidden collectibles. The game’s cheats are listed below:

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Bolt 1Ratchet Wrench Skins (change the color of Ratchet’s wrench)
Bolt 2Bolt Replacement Options (Coins, Orbs, Rubies, Overcharge)
Bolt 3Enhanced Gallery Options
Bolt 4Rivet Hammer Skins (change the color of Rivet’s Hammer)
Bolt 5Photo Mode Pack 1 (stickers and frames)
Bolt 6RPG Mode (damage numbers bounce off enemies)
Bolt 7Ship Skins Pack 1 (Wasteland and Galactic Ranger)
Bolt 8Rendering Mode Pack 1 (Noir, Sepia, Mars, Home Movie, Newsprint, Filmic, Retro)
Bolt 9Music Pack 1 (more music available at Zurkie’s Jukebox)
Bolt 10Photo Mode Pack 2 (more stickers and frames)
Bolt 11Head Size (normal, big, small)
Bolt 12Ratchet Wrench Swap Pack 1 (swap out Ratchet’s wrench with one of several weapons)
Bolt 13Hammer Swap Pack 1 (swap out Rivet’s hammer with one of several weapons)
Bolt 14Home Run Hitter (launch enemies with melee attacks when defeating them)
Bolt 15Confetti Craniums (confetti shoots out of enemies when their weak points are hit)
Bolt 16Photo Mode Pack 3 (even more stickers and frames)
Bolt 17Music Pack 2 (even more music available at Zurkie’s Jukebox)
Bolt 18Rendering Modes Pack 2 (apply a second render filter at once)
Bolt 19Mirror Mode (reverse the game’s display)
Bolt 20Wrench Swap Pack 2 (more options to choose from when swapping Ratchet’s wrench)
Bolt 21Hammer Swap Pack 2 (more options to choose from when swapping Rivet’s hammer)
Bolt 22Ship Skins Pack 2 (new Wasteland and
Bolt 23Infinite Health (never lose health when taking damage)
Bolt 24Infinite Ammo (never run out of ammo when using weapons)
Bolt 25Gold Weapons (make all weapons gold)

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