For Apex Legends Season 13: Saviors, the main focus of the balance changes has been on the weapons. That said, the one Legend that did see a sizeable buff is Rampart. There is no denying that Rampart is one of the less popular Legends in terms of gameplay, but maybe with this new set of buffs, she’ll get a chance to shine in this season. Here is every buff to Rampart in Season 13.

Rampart Buffs for Season 13: Saviors

Rampart has received three major buffs for Season 13, one for her Ultimate, and two for her Tactical.

Emplaced Minigun “Sheila” (Ultimate) Buff

  • [Buff ↑] Sheila now only takes 1.25 seconds to spin up and start shooting (formerly 1.75)

Amped Cover (Tactical) Buffs

  • [Buff ↑] Amped Cover deploy HP is now 120 (formerly 45)
  • [Buff ↑] Amped Cover now only takes 3.6 seconds to deploy (formerly 4.25)

These buffs make it easier to utilize Rampart’s abilities, even if a player did not get a chance to set up before a battle had begun. This makes Rampart more versatile, and a more viable Legend to play in faster-paced games and Ranked Leagues.

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