The Railgunner was the first survivor to be introduced with the Risk of Rain 2 Survivor of the Void DLC. The sharpshooter character is a master of long-range combat, equipment handling, and accuracy. Here’s everything you need to know about Railgunner’s abilities and skills in the game.

  1. Magnetic Accelerator
    • All Critical Strike Chance is converted into Critical Strike Damage.
    • This makes her the only survivor who is consistent at hitting critical shots.
  2. XQR Smart Round System
    • Fire aggressive tracking rounds or 100 percent damage.
    • As the name implies, these are auto-tracking rounds fired without scoping in.
  3. M99 Sniper
    • Activate your long-range scope, highlighting Weak Points and transforming your weapon into a piercing 100 percent damage railgun.
    • Furthermore, an Active Reload bar starts after the first shot is fired. A perfect reload allows you to shoot faster and gives a 500 percent boost to the base damage.

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  1. Concussion Device
    • Throw out a device that knocks back you and all nearby enemies. Can hold up to two.
    • The two charges of this stun device can be utilized to disengage yourself from fights or relocate away in a short time.
  2. Supercharge
    • Fire a piercing round for 4000 percent damage and 150 percent Weak Point damage. Afterward, all your weapons are disabled for five seconds.
    • This special ability allows you to one-shot kill even the most powerful of enemies.

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