Grand Theft Auto 3 – Definitive Edition is the remastered version of the original GTA III. This remaster comes 20 years after the original release. Players may be wondering what radio stations are in the game after all this time. Many things can change, but it appears as if the original radio stations will return for the remaster.

These radio stations will play different types of music and have different hosts. This allows for a wide variety of music so all players can find something they like. Here are all of the stations available in Grand Theft Auto III – Definite Edition.

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  • Flashback FM
  • Head Radio
  • Rise FM
  • Game FM
  • MSX FM
  • Lips 106
  • K-Jah
  • Double Clef FM

Listening to music always makes GTA better, and the remastered version is no exception. As you are driving, you can listen to these radio stations to make the time pass and change them when they play a song you don’t like.

The different radio stations should have some music both new and old players can enjoy. Cycle through them as you play to find your favorites so you can tune in and jam!

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