In Scarlet Nexus, there are there is a total of elven psychokinetic abilities in the game that players can use in battle, including psychokinesis.

Both playable characters start with the ability to use psychokinesis, which allows them to pick up and throw objects around to build up attack combos.

However, to use the other abilities in the game, they must borrow them from companions through a Struggle Arms System or SAS system for short. By using this system, players will be able to use the following abilities in combat.

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Psycho Kinetic AbilitiesWhat it does
ElectrokinesisAllows players to enchant objects with electric attacks to inflict a shock status on enemies when used. You can unlock this ability by borrowing it from the companion Shiden.
Hypervelocity When this power is borrowed, it will allow the player to slow down time, allowing them to maneuver around otherwise fast enemies quickly. This power is also unlocked with the companion Arashi Spring.
Cryokinesis  Allows players to enchant objects with cryo attacks to inflict a freezing status on enemies when used. You can unlock this ability by borrowing it from the companion Fubuki Spring.
PyrokinesisThis power is similar to that of Cryokinesis and Electrokinesis, whereas the player can enchant objects with flames to inflict fire damage and a burned status. Unlocked with the companion Yuito.
Teleportation This allows the player to teleport quickly behind foes to deal fast slashing attacks, and move to a safe distance afterwards. This power is also unlocked by the companion Luka Travers.
Clairvoyanceallows the player to sense invisible enemies that are nearby along with being able to see through fog. Unlocked by the companion Tsugumi Nazar.
Aerokinesis Same deal as Pyrokinesis and the other ones like it, but this time the attack inflicted is Aero. You can also unlock this power with Nagi Karman.
Duplication This power allows players to duplicate multiple objects to attack multiple enemies at the same time and is unlocked by the companion Kyoka Eden.
InvisibilityWhen used, this power will allow the player to become invisible, thus undetectable to enemies. This in turn, will allow them to sneak up on enemies to deal sneak attacks for extra damage. Unlocked by with the companion Kagero Donee.
Sclerokinesis This power is a buff that protects the player from incoming attacks and lowers the number of attacks enemies have. Unlocked by the companion Gemma Garrison. 

To unlock and improve all of the abilities listed above, you will need to improve your bond with the characters listed above. You can do this by engaging in emails and completing a character’s episode. The result of doing so will increase abilities and enhance a character’s ability to aid the character in battle.

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