Rasputin Aquato is a psychic student and a new member of the Psychonauts. As a psychic, he has access to several tricks and tools via his mental prowess, and his kit is substantial.

There are nine psychic abilities in Psychonauts 2, each with its own unique functions and capabilities. These abilities will periodically unlock as the game progresses. See all the psychic prowess Raz has to offer in Psychonauts 2, along with the game’s description of how they work below:

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Psychic AbilityDescription
MeleeAttack enemies with a mentally charged strike.
TelekinesisLift objects to carry or throw.
PSI BlastBlast concentrated beams of psychic energy from your mind to cause damage.
PyrokinesisConjure fire with your mind to inflict damage over time.
LevitationMove more quickly and jump higher from the ground, or summon in the air to slow falls.
ClairvoyanceSee through the eyes of other people and animals to reveal new details.
Mental ConnectionGrapple between thoughts to make connections.
Time BubbleManipulate time to slow-moving objects and enemies.
ProjectionSummon an Archetype to distract enemies and help with puzzles.
Info via Psychonauts 2

Players can upgrade each of Raz’s abilities four times to improve their capabilities further as well. These upgrades come at the cost of Intern Credits, which players can accumulate by creating challenge markers and grabbing collectibles throughout their playthrough of Psychonauts 2.

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