Final Fantasy XIV is one of the most popular MMOs on the market, and new players are joining the world of Eorzea every day. Entering the world of Final Fantasy XIV can be overwhelming at first, especially when figuring out basic mechanics, like what each Primary Stat does. Making sure you know what these boosts do is crucial when optimizing gear.

We’ve listed each of the Primary Stats in Final Fantasy XIV and their effects.

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Primary StatEffect
VitalityIncreases maximum HP.
StrengthIncreases melee physical attack power for most classes and jobs.
DexterityIncreases ranged physical attack power and melee physical attack power for Rogues and Ninjas.
IntelligenceIncreases attack magic potency for casters, the healing magic potency, and the attack magic potency for healers.
MindIncreases healing magic potency and the attack magic potency for healers.
Info via Final Fantasy XIV subreddit

Each class in Final Fantasy XIV has stats that benefit it. For example, Samurai value Strength, while Black Mages need Intelligence. Thankfully, Final Fantasy XIV automatically upgrades these stats when players level up. However, knowing what stats benefit your class when slotting Materia or choosing stat boosts on gear is essential.

When swapping classes in Final Fantasy XIV, players will also have their stats augmented to mirror what that class needs for peak performance.

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