The evolution process for Pokémon in Pokémon Legends: Arceus has changed, and many players are surprised to see that Pokémon no longer automatically attempt to evolve. Instead, players must manually have them evolve once the Pokémon has met specific conditions. One of these conditions is that the Pokémon must hold a Fire Stone to unlock its next form.

Sometimes you’ll end up in the situation where you have a Fire Stone in your inventory, but you aren’t sure which Pokémon should hold it. Here is the list of all the Pokémon that require a Fire Stone and their other required conditions, if applicable.

Note: The list below is based on preliminary information made available when the game was first released. If we find that more Pokémon can use a Fire Stone, we will update the list.

  • Flareon: Have an Eevee hold a Fire Stone if you want it to evolve into Flareon, one of its second forms.
  • Hisuian Arcanine: Have a Hisuian Growlithe hold a Fire Stone to have it evolve into an Arcanine.
  • Ninetails: Have a Vulpix hold a Fire Stone to have it evolve into a Ninetales.

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Once you give these Pokémon a Fire Stone and evolve them, the Fire Stone will be consumed. Since your primary goal in the game is to acquire every Pokémon for the Pokédex, you must get at least three Fire Stones throughout the game to get all the evolutions listed above.

If you get multiple Fire Stones at once, it’s best not to repeatedly evolve the same type of Pokémon with your spares. Instead, save the extra ones to use them on the other Pokémon listed above that you haven’t discovered yet.

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