Scrolls are collectibles that players must find in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands in order to obtain a 100% completion in an area. Most major areas have Poetry Pages, and while they are difficult to find, they are worth the trouble. Poetry Pages give players XP when located and will play a small portion of a poem. Players can travel to the poet in Izzy’s Fizzies in Brighthoof to hear the full poems.

Where to find all Poetry Pages in Weepwild Dankness in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands

Poetry Page #1 Location

Screenshot by GameTips.PRO
Screenshot by GameTips.PRO

The Poetry Page in Weepwild Dankness is located on the point marked on the map above. This is just a bit north of the entrance to the area, so players won’t have to go too far out of their way to grab this collectible.

Most major areas in the game have a couple of Poetry Pages, but this is the only Poetry Page in Weepwild Dankness. Once it is found, players can move on to the next collectible.

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