With Phasmophobia being continuously updated and added to, players enjoy new and improved maps consistently over time. While some maps are still being added, others are simply unlocked over time based on the player’s level. However, higher-level maps aren’t fully unique on their own and are areas that have been pulled from previously seen maps.

Small Phasmopobia Maps

  • Willow Street House – Slightly smaller than the starting house, this one-story home can prove slightly more dangerous. As being backed into a corner is much easier. (Available at the start.)
  • Tanglewood Street House – The training level for players just starting out. This single-story home with a creepy basement offers a small and sometimes dangerous space. (Available at the start.)
  • Ridgeview Road House – This two-story home with a basement offers more space and a creepy aura. (Available at the start.)

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Medium Phasmophobia Maps

  • Edgefield Street House – This two-story brick home with six bedrooms has many places for ghosts and ghouls to hide. (Available at the start.)
  • Grafton Farmhouse – Grafton is a two-story farm home with fairly large rooms, feeling a bit less claustrophobic. (Available at the start.)
  • Bleasdale Farmhouse – This three-story wooden house offers an attic as the third floor for added spookiness. (Available at the start.)

Large & Future Phasmophobia Maps

  • The Prison – This large, dark, empty prison is likely one of the creepiest maps available. (Available at 10th level)
  • Brownstone High School – This completely dark high school offers a chilling and uncomfortable atmosphere. (Available at 5th level)
  • The Asylum – This map is simultaneously the largest and most cramped map, offering many tight corners and long empty halls. (Available at 10th level)

As the game continues to be updated in early access, we may see more interesting maps in the future. Currently, the company is planning on releasing at least four more maps. These would include the Hospital, Apartment Building, Mansion, and Sewer System.

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