Pandora’s Box is an Active Item that can potentially save a dying run or put the player over the edge on a thriving run. Based on what floor it’s used on, Pandora’s Box will gift the player a number of different things, then disappear.

  1. Basement, Cellar, Burning Basement, Downpour, Dross
    • First Floor – Two soul hearts
    • Second Floor – Two bombs and two keys
  2. Caves, Catacombs, Flooded Caves, Mines, Ashpit
    • First Floor – One Boss Room item
    • Second Floor – One Boss Room item and two soul hearts
  3. Depths, Necropolis, Dank Depths, Mausoleum, Gehenna
    • First Floor – Four soul hearts
    • Second Floor – 20 coins
  4. Womb, Utero, Scarred Womb, Corpse
    • First Floor – Two Boss Room items
    • Second Floor – The Bible
  5. Cathedral
    • One Angel Room item and one eternal heart
  6. Sheol
    • One Devil Room item and one black heart
  7. The Chest
    • One penny
  8. The Dark Room
    • In Afterbirth+, unlocks the Moving Box item. Without Afterbirth+, does nothing.
  9. ??? (AKA the Blue Womb)
    • Nothing
  10. The Void
    • Nothing
  11. Final Chapter (After the ascent)
    • The Red Key

Note: Pandora’s Box will treat XL floors as if they were the first floor of that area. Also, be careful when using the ? Card. Should you use the ? Card in Afterbirth, it will consume both the card and Pandora’s Box without giving you anything. But in Repentance, it will work, giving you the item(s) from Pandora’s Box without consuming the Active Item itself.

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