While Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl stay pretty close to the originals, there is some new content to freshen things up. You have a bit more choice in how your main character looks and even a few clothing styles to choose from. You might have missed the clothing store if you didn’t explore the cities much.

When you start the game up and unlock the mystery gift function, you can use it to automatically get the outfit the main character wear in Pokemon Platinum. You will need to make it to Veilstone City for the rest of the outfits.

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The game corner in the city has now been replaced with the Metronome Style Shop. You can go here to buy new outfits or change between the ones you already own. Outfit selection in the game is limited, but here’s what you can buy from the shop:

  • Pikachu Hoodie: 8,500
  • Overalls Style: 21,000
  • Evee Jacket Style: 98,000
  • Gengar Jacet Style: 98,000
  • Cyber Style: 45,000
  • Winter Style: 50,000
  • Spring Style: 34,000
  • Casual Style: 86,000
  • Leather Jacket Style: 120,000

Additionally, once you beat the Elite Four, the Summer Style will unlock for sale in the shop.

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