Dragon Quest Builders 2 has many outfits to choose from. The items are unlocked as the player progresses through the story and can be built after unlocking them.

There are two types of outfits in the game: armor and clothing. The player can change between each without penalty.

NameIn-Game DescriptionRequirementsIngredients
Bath TowelA comfy cloth for drying down after a delightful soak.Unlocked through story6 grass fibre
Cottontail CostumeFashionable attire to allure the eyes of onlookers.Unlocked through story3 fur
2 cotton
2 grass fibre
Farming GearDurable attire for agrarian types.Unlocked through story3 grass fibre
1 cord
Guard’s GarbThe unmistakable uniform of an Alefgardian guardsman.Unlocked through story2 grass fibre
2 fur
1 cord
Nun’s HabitPrim and proper attire befitting a Sister in service to the Church.Unlocked through story3 cotton
2 silver ingots
Plain ClothesAn ordinary outfit for everyday wear.Unlocked through story3 grass fibre
1 cord
Ragged RagsA torn and tattered tunic that provides paltry protection.Unlocked through story3 grass fibre
Townsperson’s TogsLoose fitting fabrics for work and leisure.Unlocked through story3 grass fibre
1 cord
1 cotton
Trader’s TunicLightweight leisure wear that won’t weigh a traveling trader down.Unlocked through story3 grass fibre
1 cord
Troubadour’s TogsGaudy garb to be worn by a world-wandering minstrel.Unlocked through story3 cotton
2 gold ingots
Villager’s VestureClassy clobber preferred by trendy townspeople.Unlocked through storyGrass fibre 3
1 cord
Wayfarer’s ClothesA light and long-lasting tunic for the trendy traveler.Unlocked through story5 grass fibre
2 cord
Cannock CloakThe glorious garb worn by the Prince of Cannock.38 mini medals5 grass fibre
1 gold ingot
Chic SwimsuitA cool and comforting costume that’s superbly suited for swimming.Aquarium DLC5 cotton
3 grass fibres
Cloak of EvasionArtful attire that lends its wearer a certain speediness.Defeat the super-strong king slime at Sunny Sands isle3 grass fibre
2 cotton
1 cord
1 magic crystal
Flashy FormalwearFancy clothes for fancy events.Modernist DLC5 cotton
3 grass fibre
Flowing DressA ravashing robe fashioned from the finest silk.Discovered in the Lava Area of Krumbuhl-Dun5 cotton
3 cord
Fur CoatAn exotic overcoat fashioned from the fur of a fabulous beast.Defeat the super-strong silvapithecus at Laguna Perfuma isle5 fur
Midenhall GarbThe august attire worn by the Prince of Midenhall.14 mini medals5 grass fibre
2 fur
2 cord
Moonbrooke FrockThe regal raiments worn by the Princess of Moonbrooke.70 mini medals4 grass fibre
3 cotton
Scanalous SwimsuitSkimpy swimwear for those who like to show some skin.Build a Pool of Paradise on the Isle of Awakening3 cotton
1 cord

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NameIn-Game DescriptionRequirementsIngredients
Auroral ArmourIllustrious armour blessed by benevolent Rubiss Herself.Unlocked through story3 zenithium, 2 orichalcum, 2 gold ingots, 1 ruby
Builder’s WorkwearOrdinary attire for the aspiring builderUnlocked through story4 grass fibre
Chain MailA cushioned coat made from interlocking loops of metal.Unlocked through story2 copper ingots, 1 fur
Dragon MailA sturdy suit of armour assembled from the impervious scales of a dragon.Defeat the super-strong tyrantosaurus east of Krumbuhl-Dun town3 dragon scales, 1 gold ingot, 1 cord
Full Plate AmourA sturdy suit of impenetrable steel plate.Unlocked through story3 steel ingots, 2 grass fibres, 1 cord
Iron ArmourA suit of protective plate fashioned from iron ingots.Unlocked through story3 iron ingots, 1 fur, 1 cord
Liquid Metal ArmourNo Description82 mini medalsNo requirement, given after medals are turned in
Leather ArmourNo DescriptionDefeat the super-strong orc king in Blossom BayNo requirement, given after beating the orc king
Magic ArmourGaudy green armour made from a magical metal.Unlocked through story5 magic crystals, 1 full plate armour
Spiked AmourBarbarous barbed armour adorned with thorns.Unlocked through story3 mythril, 2 orichalcum, 1 fur
Tectonic PlateArmour of the strongest steel, forged in the fires deep down underground.Defeat the super-strong blue dragon near Moonaham3 steel ingots, 2 cotton, 1 gold ingot
Tortoise ShellArmour with a ridig back resembling that of a reptile.Defeat the super-strong crabber dabber doo in Furrowfield5 bones, 1 grass fibre
Training TogsA uniform of flexible fabric that makes movement a breeze.Unlocked through story4 grass fibre, 1 cord
Wailer’s MailAbominable armour built from the bones of the damned.Defeat the super-strong stone guardian on the Unholy Holm3 bones, 2 orichalcum, 1 silvery sludge, 1 fur, 1 supersized skull

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