In the 2.3 Update of Genshin Impact, players were introduced to the Omni-Ubiquity Net. This nifty gadget acts very similarly to a Poké Ball—it’s used to catch the creatures living around Teyvat and place them inside your Serenitea Pot. So, if you’ve ever wanted to add more cute-and-cuddly critters to your humble abode, now’s your chance.

Talk to Wakamurasaki on Narukami island to purchase your own Omni-Ubiquity Nets and start collecting. The list of animals that can be caught by players is hefty, though, and finding them can be a bit tough. They’re spread all throughout the world of Genshin Impact, from Mondstadt to Inazuma, so we’re here to help you track them down. Here’s a list of all Omni-Ubiquity Net animal locations in Genshin Impact.

Catchable animal locations


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  • City Of Mondstadt
    • Black Cat
    • Black King Pigeon
    • Crimsonflank Pigeon
    • Forest-Patrol Hound
    • Graywing Pigeon
    • Gray Snow Cat
    • Northland Hound
    • White Pigeon
  • Dawn Winery
    • Anemo Crystalfly
  • Dragonspine
    • Cryo Crystalfly
    • Silkwhite Falcon
    • Snowboar
    • Snow Fox
    • Snow Weasel
  • Falcon Coast
    • Scarletbeak Duck
  • Springvale
    • Black-Back Bass
    • Blue Frog
    • Forest Boar
    • Scarletbeak Duck
  • Starfell Lake
    • Black-Back Bass
  • Starfell Valley
    • Snow Finch
  • Starsnatch Cliff
    • Golden Crab
    • Ocean Crab
  • Whispering Woods
    • Crimson Fox
    • Frog
  • Windrise
    • Anemo Crystalfly


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  • Bishui Plain
    • Forest Boar
  • Clear Pool And Mountain Cavern
    • Emerald Duck
  • Cuijue Slope
    • Boot Weasel
    • Squirrel
  • Dihua Marsh
    • Blue Horned Lizard
    • Golden Loach
    • Mud Frog
  • Dunyu Ruins
    • Hoarder Weasel Thief
  • Guyun Stone Forest
    • Azure Crane
    • Geo Crystalfly
    • Lapis Glede
    • Ocean Crab
    • Sun Crab
  • Huaguang Stone Forest
    • Umbertail Falcon
  • Mt. Aocang
    • Crimson Fox
  • Liyue Harbor
    • Black-Back Hound
    • Brightcrown Pigeon
    • Emerald Finch
    • Golden Bass
    • Jade-Eyed Cat
    • Northland Cat
    • Sapphire
    • Shiba
    • Tiger-Striped Cat
  • Mingyun Village
    • Golden Finch
  • Qingce Village
    • Amateur Weasel Thief
    • Crimson Finch
    • Squirrel
  • Qingxu Pool
    • Brownwing Falcon
    • Golden Weasel Thief
  • Qingyun Peak
    • Silkwhite Falcon
  • Wangshu Inn
    • Blue-Fin Bass
    • Forest-Patrol Hound
    • Green Horned Lizard
    • Red Horned Lizard
    • Sheriff Cat
  • Wuwang Hill
    • Brownwing Falcon


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  • Grand Narukami Shrine
    • Crow
  • Kujou Encampment
    • Red-Tailed Weasel
  • Narukami Island
    • Violet Ibis
  • Ritou
    • Violet Ibis
  • Sangonomiya Shrine
    • Sunset Loach
  • Seirei Island
    • Electro Crystalfly
    • Pale Red Crab
  • Suigetsu Pool
    • General Crab
    • Sunny Loach
    • Sunset Loach
  • Tatarasuna Island
    • Bake-Danuki
    • Pith Lizard
  • Watatsumi Island
    • Adorned Unagi
    • General Crab
    • Pale Red Crab
    • Red-Finned Unagi
    • Sunny Loach

Butterflies of various colors and fireflies can be caught just about anywhere in Teyvat, but they’re a bit small and can be easy to miss. Keep your eyes peeled as you’re walking through grassy fields, though, and you’ll be sure to find some. Just use this list to hunt down any animals you might be missing, and, eventually, you’ll have your very own zoo!

This list will grow as more Updates are added to Genshin Impact, so be sure to check back in here at Pro Game Guides in the future! Looking for more great Genshin Impact content? Check out Genshin Impact: All Time Trial Locations.

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