Newcastle is a defensive Legend, and number 21 on the roster. He is the brother of one of the original Legends, Bangalore. His playstyle and personality are both quite the opposite of his sister, and he is all about being a team player. Note that these abilities have been collected via a leak, and may be considered spoilers to though who wish to wait for the full announcement. Also, note that these abilities and their names are subject to change on actual release.

Passive: Retrieve the Wounded

Newcastle is able to both move downed allies while he revives them, as well as protect them with a shield.

Perk: Fortified

Like Gibraltar and Caustic, Newcastle takes 15% less incoming damage due to the size of his hitbox.

Tactical: Mobile Shield

Control a slow-moving indestructible energy wall via a drone that Newcastle can throw out.

Ultimate: Castle Wall

Newcastle can jump over and create a fortified stronghold on an ally or target area. This stronghold is split up into parts that each have their own set of HP.

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