Ignacio Huamaní, or Fade, is the first of many Mobile-First Legends in Apex Legends Mobile. This means that while Fade may be introduced to the franchise as a whole at a later date, he will only be available in Apex Legends Mobile for the time being. Like with Legends in the main game, Fade has three special abilities: A Passive, a Tactical, and an Ultimate. Fade’s abilities revolve around time, space, and phasing in and out of it. Here are all of Fade’s abilities in Apex Legends Mobile.

Passive: Slipstream

When Fade successfully slides, he will gain a temporary movement speed boost at the end of it.

Tactical: Flashback

Fade can move backward through another dimension to a previous location that he has been to.

Ultimate: Phase Chamber

Fade has activator cores inside of his suit he uses to phase, but for his ultimate, he takes one out and throws it. It will explode and cause everyone hit to phase for a few seconds. While phased by the Phase Chamber, players cannot deal or receive damage.

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