Stray features many collectibles, some of which are optional and provide a fun side quest. However, some are required to progress in the game and reunite with your family. This includes notebooks in the Slums. This may leave you wondering where to find all the Slums’ notebooks in Stray.

Where to find all Notebooks in the Slums in Stray

There are four notebooks in total, but we recommend going to Momo and claiming theirs first, as it provides a hint. Once you have collected all four notebooks, return and show them to Momo. Here is where to find all the notebooks in the Slums in Stray.

Where to find Momo’s Notebook in Stray

Stray Outsiders Symbol
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You will receive Momo’s Notebook after speaking with Momo and showing the photo of the Outside. Momo will give you their journal, as they claim they have no more use for it. After leaving Momo’s flat with the notebook, B-12 will comment that you can find the other notebooks by looking for the Outsiders symbol.

Where to find Doc’s Notebook in Stray

Stray Doc's Notebook
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Doc’s Notebook is hidden away in the library safe. You can find the safe in a bookshelf behind a stack of books in the center of the room. You must first go to the adjoining bedroom and grab the key from the note on the bed. Return to the safe and claim Doc’s Notebook.

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Where to find Clementine’s Notebook in Stray

Stray Clementine's Notebook
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Clementine’s Notebook is located in the building with an open window across from the orange sign, meaning you will need to climb to the roof to claim it. Head to the back room and jump up next to the computer to grab this notebook.

Where to find Zbaltazarr’s Notebook in Stray

Stray Zbaltazarr's Notebook
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Zbaltazarr’s Notebook is located in the building that Morusque is leaning against. You need to climb up to the roof and pull the power supply for the ventilation fan. This lets you jump down into the room. You will see a stack of boxes; you must knock this over to reveal Zbaltazarr’s Notebook.

There’s plenty to do in the Slums in Stray after you’ve acquired the notebooks, use these guides to help you find All Music Sheet locations in the Slums, or once your return how to unlock the door in Seamus’s apartment.

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