Call of Duty: Warzone Pacific update adds a great deal of fresh content to the game. This includes a new map, weapons, game modes, and vehicles, among other changes. Players can access the following three new vehicles in Season One of Warzone Pacific.

  1. Fighter Plane – Dogfighting is the newest combat mechanic in Warzone thanks to these aircraft. Fighter Planes are only available in Vanguard Royale and can accommodate up to two players. While flying, it automatically pings nearby enemies and legendary crates for the pilot.
fighter plane in warzone pacific
Image via Activision

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  1. Squad Transport Vehicle – This is the SUV equivalent from the WWII era in which you can carry a full squad of four players. It is very fast but loud at the same time. This means your enemies can perceive your arrival from afar.
  2. Utility Truck – Also known as Cargo Truck, this heavy vehicle is the counterpart to Bertha from Modern Warfare. It can accommodate two players in front seats and more in the rear cargo space. Another version of the Utility Truck can be found with Anti-Aircraft (AA) guns mounted in the back which can be used to take down fighter planes with ease.

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