The Light Bowgun is arguably the most versatile of the ranged weapons in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak. It can offer up DPS, support in the form of healing and buffs, and a few other tricks to keep monsters reeling. While it may not be the best in any one category, there is no doubting how it can sway the tides of battle.

MHR Sunbreak Light Bowguns

Rarity 8Rarity 9Rarity 10
Kamura Warrior CrossbowDuke’s ArquebusFine Kamura Crossbow
Kamura Warrior Crossbow +Nightstrix +Avidya Eye
NightstrixAraknablaster +Ceaseless Shadow
AraknablasterCarmin LanternLuci Da Lavater
Redeemer’s LotusCarmin Lanter +Lord Redeemer’s Iron
Redeemer’s Lotus +Bullet Rain (Viper) +Savior’s Lotus
Glory Lotus BowgunGross Gossgun +Hypodermic Miracle +
Glory Lotus Bowgun +FrostbiterBullet Storm (Viper)
Khezu Hypo +Frostbiter +Barrozooka +
Hypodermic MiracleAstalos JoltrenderAbominable Snowshot
Barro Blaster +Astalos Jotrender +Ironclad Jaeger
BarrozookaDespot’s Wildfire +Icecloak Bowgun
Gross GossgunFatal Bringer Bowgun +Astalos Flashblaster
Jaeger Prime IIMagma WeaverOppressor’s Rift
Jaeger Prime IIIMagma Weaver +Peace Bringer
Fatal Bringer BowgunUroktor Vortex +Magma Flare
Gale Bowgun +Nifl Mist +Uroktor Tempest
Furious Flammenkanone +Encroaching MistEncroaching Mist +
Valkyrie Blaze +Hellfire HarbingerGreat Gale Bowgun
Wyvern Chaser +Fierce Moss GreenHellfire Harbinger +
Dark HunterRosengewehrFierce Moss Green +
Striped ShellRosengewehr +Rosensiegen
Striped Shell +Rasasa BowgunDark Hunter +
Hornet GunRasasa Bowgun +Rebel Stopper
Hornet Gun +Rathling Phoenix +Daimyo Pincer
Comet Bolt +Blizzard Squall +Carapace Cannon
Valtos GillTigrex Wargun +Valtos Gill +
Blizzard SquallGreat Tigrex WargunSeering Rathling Phoenix
Grenade Revolver +Golm Assaulter +Tabula Blizzara
Royal Torrent +Tormented Shadow BoltGaia Eater
Royal TempestFaulnisschleuderGreat Tigrex Wargun +
Golm AssaulterFaulnisschleuder +Royal Tempest +
Sinister Shadow Bolt +La LumiereGrand Cross
Springnight Spawn +Ten Thousand Volts +Teufelsschleuder
Royal Order’s CrossbowDaora’s Hornet +La Vertu
Teostra’s Flamebolt +Ten Million Volts
Cursed Lamp +Demonlord Cannon
Watchdog’s Howl +Shearing Wind
Cascading Thunder
Bazelvalor Rookslayer
Daora’s Yellowjacket
Teostra’s Flamepiercer
Genie’s Lamp
Elder’s Grace
Abyssal Hailstorm
Roaring Bowgun
Springnight Finshot
Royal Order’s Crossbow +
Antique Machina LB

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