Sea of Thieves has just entered Season 3, and with the update it has brought the Pirates of the Caribbean universe to the game! This update, titled A Pirate’s Life, introduces us to Jack Sparrow and Davy Jones, but many of us are more excited to face new types of enemies!

Until this point, we have fought only skeletons in various forms. In the list below, we explain all the new enemies we get to face: Sirens, Ocean Crawlers, and Phantoms!


A Siren in Sea of Thieves.

In most lore, sirens are creatures that entice sailors to their deaths by singing to them from a distance and surprising them with an attack when they get close enough. In Sea of Thieves, the Sirens are more predatory. They swarm unsuspecting Sailors to overwhelm them and make it difficult to fight back.

Ocean Crawlers

Ocean Crawlers in SEa of Thieves.

Ocean Crawlers are brutish creatures that appear to be fused with plant life from the ocean. No one knows exactly how this happened to them, but our best guess is that they were creatures that just stayed in the ocean too long and became reanimated from the plant life that fused with them. Ocean Crawlers are stronger than most other mobs.and there are different types. Each type of Ocean Crawler is listed below.

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  • Eel-ectric Ocean Crawler
  • Crab Ocean Crawler
  • Hermit Ocean Crawler


Phantoms in Sea of Thieves

Phantoms are crafty enemies that can easily dodge player attacks. They usually attack from a distance and when players are too close, they will try to teleport away. Phantoms appear at random on land. They will warn you when they’re coming by whooshing and whispering sound effects.

That’s all there is to know about the new enemy types in the latest update! Be sure to check out our Sea of Thieves Homepage for more great content, news, and guides.

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