In Final Fantasy XIV patch 6.2, a half dozen new emotes, dances, and other expressions were added to the game. These varied from premium emotes that would be unlocked in the cash shop, to those unlockable in PvP, to just ones everyone gained access to for free! Here’s a list of all the new emotes and dances in Final Fantasy XIV Patch 6.2

New Emotes added in Final Fantasy XIV patch 6.2

A number of general emotes were added to the game in patch 6.2


The Spirit emote was added as a reward for leveling up your Crystalline Conflict PvP Series 2 level to Level 5. This will unlock the Spirit emote, and celebratory emote fitting for a PvP master!


Screenshot by GameTips.PRO

The Deride emote is a long awaited silly face that is available from the FFXIV Online Store. It’s available for $7 in the US, but is subject to regional pricing.

New Parasol Umbrella Dances and Emotes

Parasols and Umbrella fashion items received a number of unique emotes in the update. They now have two emotes:

Rain Check

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The Rain Check emote does exactly what it says on the tin: Checks if there’s any rain! Perfect if you’re using your parasol for its intended purpose.

Umbrella dance

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The Umbrella Dance is a homage to the dance from Singing in the Rain, and sees your Warrior of Light spin, jump, and dance, all while using your chosen fashion accessory.

These on top of the change pose options that were added to parasols. There are three poses available in total.

Current not unlocked emotes

The Eat Chocolate and Eat Pumpkin Cookie emotes are currently not available, as they are part of the St Valentione’s Day 2023 event, and All Saint’s Wake 2022 event.

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