Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker released on Dec. 7, adding over half a dozen new dungeons to the game. A core part of the content expansion, these dungeons can be played in a real-person party, or with a party of NPCs via the Trust system.

There are six main story dungeons throughout Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker. To unlock these, simply play through the main story.

  • The Tower of Zot—Level 81
  • The Tower of Babil—Level 83
  • Vanaspati—Level 85
  • Ktisis Hyperboreia—Level 87
  • The Aitiascope—Level 89
  • The Dead Ends—Level 90

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Additionally there are two post-story, level 90 dungeons.

  • Smileton—Level 90
  • The Stigma Dreamscape—Level 90

In the coming months, more level 90 dungeons will be added as both side content and additional story content. This was the case in all previous expansions. Until then, these eight dungeons are what make up the base Endwalker expansion.

As it stands, the pre-level 90 dungeons are perfect for levelling, gathering gear, and generally experiencing the expansion. For endgame content, though, the three level 90 dungeons are essential for gearing your character and grinding Allagan Tomestones of Amorphism. 

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