Final Fantasy XIV’s Endwalker update brought much more than a story expansion when it debuted in Dec. 2021. Square Enix also implemented a handful of quality of life improvements for the popular MMO, including streamlining crafting recipes.

Several recipes were removed in the 6.0 update for Final Fantasy XIV and replaced Square Enix replaced these items with recipes that allow crafters to create multiple things simultaneously, like gladiator’s arms and shields. We’ve listed each of the removed recipes from Final Fantasy XIV’s Blacksmith and Armorer crafting classes.

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  • Mighty Thunderstrike
  • Endless Expanse Sword
  • Dead Hive Shamshir
  • Sword of The Rount
  • Blade of The Fiend
  • Seeing Horde Blade
  • Blade of The Goddess
  • Blade of The Demon
  • Shinryu’s Ephemeral Longsword
  • Tsukuyomi’s Moonlit Longsword
  • Suzaku’s Flame-kissed Longsword
  • Seiryu’s Sanctified Longsword
  • Byakko’s Enspirited Stone Sword
  • Augmented Misos


  • Mighty Thunderhead
  • Endless Expanse Shield
  • Dead Hive Scutum
  • Shield of The Round
  • Shield of The Fiend
  • Seeing Horde Shield
  • Shield of the Goddess
  • Shield of The Demon
  • Shinryu’s Ephemeral Shield
  • Tsukuyomi’s Moonlit Shield
  • Suzaku’s Flame-kissed Shield
  • Seiryu’s Sanctified Shield
  • Byakko’s Enspirited Shield
  • Augmented Eulabeia

You can find the new craftable sets that replace removed items below:

New Recipes: Blacksmith/Armorer

  • Paladin’s Levin Arms
  • Paladin’s Endless Expanse Arms
  • Paladin’s Dead Hive Arms
  • Paladin’s Arms of the Round
  • Paladin’s Fiend Arms
  • Paladin’s Horde Arms
  • Paladin’s Goddess Arms
  • Paladin’s Demon Arms
  • Paladin’s Ephemeral Arms
  • Byakko’s Enspirited Arms
  • Tsukuyomi’s Moonlit Arms
  • Suzaku’s Flame-kissed Arms
  • Seiryu’s Sanctified Arms
  • Paladin’s Hades Arms

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