In Pathfinder: Wraith of the Righteous, you will have the opportunity to take Mythic Paths. These are special paths that you can choose that will turn your character into a legend. In total, there are 10 Mythic Paths to choose from.

These Mythic Paths are highly influential on the Crusade Army. Depending on your actions and alignment, some allies may join you or leave which will have different effects later in the game.

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You can learn about them below.

  • Angel
    • An Angel is a champion of good and leads the Crusade by example. They can cross fly across the battlefield and smite demons with holy flame. An angel is capable of protecting, healing, and even resurrecting those who fight beside them. They can also ask the powers of Heaven for help.
  • Demon
    • Demons are impulsive, irresponsible, and consumed with rage. They possess little self-control and can lash out at friend and foe alike. They can decide to let their inner beast take control, fight it, chain it, or force it into obedience.
  • Gold Dragon
    • A Gold Dragon is a protector of lesser races and leads through wisdom and forgiveness. Their magnificent form allows them to fly and breathe fire against demons and their followers. Gold Dragons show mercy to those who are good or seek redemption.
  • Azata
    • Azata are considered unstoppable forces of good that act first and think later. They trust their instincts and sometimes that requires spontaneous decisions. They inspire their allies to fight and mighty allies to have when standing against demonic hordes.
  • Aeon
    • The Aeon is a cosmic judge of balance. They control the current timeline and monitor it for disturbances. They can detect where the balance has been broken and fix it. They often punish those who disturb the balance.
  • Trickster
    • The Trickster desires fun above all else and is willing to play jokes on even the mightiest creatures. They understand that life is random and controlled by chance. As a result, they can manipulate the odds in their favor.
  • Lich
    • Liches are immortal creatures that command an army of undead. They wield powerful necromancy that allows them to raise friend and foe alike as undead minions that serve them. In addition to necromancy, they are capable of casting other powerful spells.
  • Swarm-That-Walks
    • The Swarm-That-Walks is considered the ultimate evil. It is an all-devouring monstrosity. It feeds its enemies, and even allies, to the swarm.
  • Legend
    • A Legend shies away from celestial powers and maintains their mortality. This path sees mortals rely on their own power to become a hero. This is a hard path full of temptation and requires a strong will to see it through.
  • Devil
    • Devils are masters of corruption and despoilers of purity. These evil outsiders come from the plane of Hell and seek to destroy all things good while dragging mortal souls to the depths of Hell.

Only the main character may choose a Mythic Path and taking levels in these paths does not affect your ordinary levels. This allows you to reach level 20 in your character’s class. Mythic levels can only be upgraded in certain quests and your alignment must be in alignment with the path you choose. Altering your alignment away from it may have you complete a quest to realign yourself. At Mythic level 8, you will be able to complete a quest to re-do your choices.

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