The Mythic Egg countdown was announced on July 16, 2021. Now, on August 12, 2021, the countdown has finally begun. With one week left until the egg is available, players may wonder what pets are available inside the egg. Read below to see the list.

All Confirmed Mythic Egg Pets

The list below contains all of the pets that will be available in the egg. This list is incomplete, but it is up to date as far as our knowledge goes. We will keep an eye out for future updates.


The Phoenix will rise from the Mythic Egg when it is released next week. While we don’t know its rarity until the egg is dropped, we assume it will be above common. The Phoenix is a fictional creature with distinct features in shades of orange and yellow.

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We don’t currently know the Wyvern’s rarity, but it will be released when the Mythic Egg drops. The Wyvern has a classic dragon-like appearance that many will be able to easily recognize, with a green body and an impressive wingspan.


The Kirin is a majestic mythical creature with a unique appearance. Its aqua and orange color scheme, along with nature-inspired horns, makes the pet remarkable in appearance. It has no currently known rarity, but this will be known when the egg is released.


The Goldhorn is marked by its off-white, fur-covered body and delicate appearance. This beautiful pet also has gold hooves, curve gold horns, and pink flowers along its collar. Its large black eyes give it a blank, innocent appearance. Its rarity is currently unknown.

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