In Rainbow Six Extraction, players will tackle objectives in teams of three, facing off against the new alien threat with fellow Operators. Mutations are an in-game mechanic that makes the game more difficult for players during their operations. Knowing the mutations and how to best combat them is essential, especially when playing on higher difficulties.

Spontaneous Sludge

Archaeans killed when the Spontaneous Sludge mutation is active eave behind Sludge that damages players heavily if they walk on it. It can make operations very difficult for players, especially when fighting large numbers of Archaeans at once.

Cloaked Archaeans

The Cloaked Archaeans mutation causes some enemies to naturally be invisible to players. This can happen in a normal operation if the Lurker enemy is present, but the Cloaked Archaean mutation removes the need for Lurkers. This can make combat extremely difficult, especially if the invisible Archaean is a high-level enemy.

Chimera Fog

With the Chimera Fog mutation, players will experience a dense fog throughout the operation that will obscure their vision and make enemies more difficult to detect. Having an Operator present that can spot enemies through the fog is a valuable asset when this mutation is present.

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Armored Nests

Nests in Rainbow Six Extraction are already a pain. Once alerted, a normal Nest will continuously spawn enemies until destroyed. The Armored Nest mutation does exactly what it sounds like. When this mutation is present, Nests will have an armored shell of Archaean Carapace, which makes them far more sturdy and resistant to ballistic damage.

Blinding Spores

Blinding Spores are small yellow balls that stick to players who walk near them. Once attached to a player, they obscure vision until they are removed. Fellow Operators can remove the Spores by attacking them with a weapon or melee attack.

Caustic Sprawl

Sprawl is an obstacle that players will already be familiar with in Rainbow Six Extraction. Sprawl can be found covering the ground across operations and is especially dense around Archaean Nests. Sprawl normally slows players down as they pass through it. Caustic Sprawl differs from normal Sprawl in that it causes damage to players walking through it.

Sprawl Overflow

Sprawl Overflow causes all Archaean enemies to leave a trail of Sprawl on the ground as they move around the map. This causes a massive increase in Sprawl and takes it from a small inconvenience to potentially a huge problem for Operators.

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