All Monster Types in Xenoblade Chronicles 3

Monsters are a staple of the Xenoblade Chronicles series, and they are present once again at the forefront of the third installment. From the beginning of the gmae until the end of the game you wont be able run for more than a few seconds without a monster jumping out in front of you. So in this guide, we will detail all of the different monster types so you know what you might be getting into when these beasts try and jump you.

What are the Monster Types in Xenoblade Chronicles 3?

There are a total of four monster types you will encounter across the seven chapters of Xenoblade Chronicles 3. They are each identifiable by the unique visual cue above their head. Each type will pose a different threat, and offer different rewwards when its defeated. Below are all four of the monster types in Xenoblade Chronicles 3.

  • Normal Monster – These monsters will be lacking any type of unique visual cue above their head. They are pretty easy to take down so long as you are a similar level as them.
  • Elite Monster – These monsters a recognizable by the blue visual cue above their heads. They will be a test of strength for players, proving to be both tougher and stronger than their normal counterparts.
  • Unique Monster – The unique monsters can be identified by the orangish-yellow visual cue above their head. These enemies will prove to be extremely challenging and will require you to form a very good strategy before taking one on.
  • Lucky Monster – These shiny monsters will have a sparkle above their heads that shows they are a Lucky Monster. They are not any tougher than normal enemies, however, they are pretty rare and when defeated will drop far greater rewards than a typical normal monster.

Learning the different monster types will be key to your success in the lands of Aionios. Tracking down Lucky Monsters for their loot or properly preparing before facing a unique monster will make all the difference.

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