There are many monsters to kill in Lost Ark, specifically in East Luterra. You can find all of these locations below, and they fill up different parts of the Adventurer’s Tome.

Where to find all monster locations in East Luterra

We will go through each area alphabetically. The glowing yellow mark above their heads lets you know whether it’s a monster you need to kill. See the exact locations on the map where we found them.

Blackrose Chapel – Giant Black Rose Spider

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This ugly spider is very easy to find. While the other spiders are tiny, this one is huge and scary. It really stands out.

Blackrose Chapel – Wicked Heretic Preacher

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This one looks exactly like his fellow Heretic Preachers. There are a lot of Heretic Preachers and Wicked Heretic Preachers in this area. Be ready for a huge fight.

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Boreas Domain – Frenzied Agarus

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This animal is much bigger than those around it. The best way to fight it is to start sending attacks before it gets close enough to attack you. For this fight, we recommend at least five health potions on hand. It is pretty consistently in that one spot, for some reason.

Boreas Domain – Frenzied Imp Mage

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The Frenzied Imp Mage is weak. It will fall almost as fast as the Imps around it. Look for the imp that can fly and is mad.

Boreas Domain – Merciless Trill

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The Merciless Trill is easy to find because it’s so big. We recommend starting with this one in Borea’s Domain and then moving your way to the others in this area. This is just because it will be easier to knock them out one-by-one that way.

Boreas Domain – Lonesome Gerod

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Lonesome Gerod is exactly how he sounds: all alone. He looks like a shadow darting here to there, but he’s a demon. Just walk around this area until you find the shadow (or he finds you).

Crocoyns Seashore – Adept Pirate Plunderer

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The Adept Pirate Plunderer is incredibly easy to find but looks like the others. Look for the pirate with the yellow glowing mark above his or her head, and of course, the one that’s bigger than their friends. They are easy to find because you will be swarmed with pirates walking anywhere on this map. We marked the spot where best to find them, but be ready to fight more than one at once.

Crocoyns Seashore – Predator Croc

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Do not be misled; this monster will not be as small as the other crabs walking around this area. The Predator Croc is brown, strong, and at least double the size of the silver Crocs.

Dyrokia Plain – Bulky Crow

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The Bulky Crow is easy to find, it’s just a big crow. You can try going a bit farther north and toward the dead-end if you can’t find them above. There are several of them there. They won’t attack you first, so you can prepare.

Dyrokia Plain – Sturdy Red Eared Mythical Bird

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There are a lot of these in this area. You’ll probably see more of the Sturdy Red Eared Mythical Birds than the regular Mythical Birds. They’re super easy to kill, like every other monster.

Flowering Orchard – Creepy Orchard Weevil

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One of the most annoying things about this one is that all of the bugs look the same. You don’t have to kill every bug you see. Instead, keep your eyes focused on the area shown above until you see a yellow glow above the insect. When you see it, kill it.

Leyar Terrace – Controlled Water Tornado Elemental

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This is an incredibly weak monster to kill compared to the others in the area. You can find it hanging out next to the glowing jellyfishes, where it barely puts up a fight.

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Leyar Terrace – Evil Legion Giant Commander

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Taking care of this monster is difficult because you have to kill a few at a time. They travel in packs and are extremely strong. If you’re weak, you may need to use health potions a lot because they can kill you quickly. More will come, so kill any one of these right away. They are the scary-looking minatours.

The best strategy to taking these out is to slowly kill every monster you see on the way to the Evil Legion Giant Commanders. This way, no other monsters will follow you and make things harder. Use ranged attacks to kill this monster because, when they get close, they can unleash three devastating hits in a row. And in a group of three, that’s deadly.

Leyar Terrace – Giant Puruu Warrior

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You can find this monster leading gangs of other Puruu Warriors. They are easy to kill, and they will most likely find you first because they all congregate in this one area above. It kind of looks like a yeti, but it is purple.

Leyar Terrace – Mayhem Lead Flamingo

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This flamingo looks a lot like the others, but it’s white. Look for the mark above its head and kill it like every other monster around. They are not very strong and will fall after a few combos.

Sunbright Hill – Scherrit Army Gladiator

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It’s just like fighting for Luterra again—because you are. These are red-colored versions of the medieval men-at-arms you met at the end of West Luterra’s storyline. There are many of them near the other soldiers, and they aren’t that difficult to fight.

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