Out of all of the collectibles in Lost Ark, the most numerous by far are the Mokoko Seeds. There are over 1,000 of them spread across the game, hidden in every nook and cranny. Finding all of the small, green seeds can prove to be quite the task.

On Tooki Island, there are three Mokoko Seeds to find. Tooki Island is a small-ish island, where a torrent of players beat up some poor tookis several times a day. Once you find a seed, simply approach it and interact with it to collect it.

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Where to find all Mokoko Seeds on Tooki Island in Lost Ark

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Tooki island’s Mokoko Seeds aren’t hidden terribly well, nor are they locked behind invisible walls, obscure paths, or strange conditions. They’re easy to both find and collect. The seeds being on Tooki Island itself is the issue with collecting them.

Tooki Island rarely exists. It appears for a brief period of time to let players on, then it disappears shortly afterward. Once you reach level 50, you’ll unlock a feature that will allow you to keep track of and be notified when events, such as the one on Tooki Island, are going to take place.

In addition, Tooki Island has multiple set locations on the open seas that it can spawn at. The only way to tell where Tooki Island will appear is to manually sail to its potential spawn location and check for a whirlpool.

We suggest you keep an eye on the area chat on the open seas to find out where Tooki Island is spawning. The chat will often become flooded with Tooki Island messages before it spawns, including messages about where it’s spawning.

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